T-Shirts: Fashion Tips

For T-shirts, there is one rule that does not change for centuries: they must consist only of organic cotton. So wear them will be much more comfortable. In our modern world, cotton t-shirts are still in demand, despite the large amount of synthetics in fabrics.

It is not unusual that times when t-shirts were not so popular are not forgotten. After all, the most advantageous part of this wardrobe item to this day is considered to be a free cut, which helps to feel more free. Modern women have made T-shirts an element of everyday wardrobe. And no wonder. In addition to practicality, T-shirts have more affordable prices.

In the spring of this year, leading designers advise girls to take a closer look at classic T-shirts with no pockets, but with a fairly decent cut. Also relevant this year is wearing T-shirts with sneakers on wedge heels, which designers call Snickers.

Previously, people believed that strict classics implied the presence of a white and black colors in a T-shirt, and without prints and other abstractions.By the way, changes in terms of T-shirts can be easily traced through the stunning film “Back to the Future” in its first part.

If a person is a fan of the classics, then, as mentioned earlier, a simple monochromatic T-shirt with a collar in the shape of V. will suit here. This is a universal option. Such T-shirts are usually made of organic cotton, but sometimes there are impurities of elastane, which helps to choose the right size more easily, and the colors for the classics are white and black.

However, despite the fact that inscriptions and prints were mentioned above, in 2016 they are more relevant than ever. If a white T-shirt is used as a canvas, then any variants of any topic will be a winning option in terms of inscriptions. This option is a hit of the season. Also in fashion prints with flowers, despite the fact that such prints were in vogue in past years.

Abstraction on a T-shirt also this season will be a pretty win-win solution. Abstractions will bring brightness, do not give bored among the standard tones. But here you need to know when to stop. You can also try to experiment and instead of a print or ornament on the entire T-shirt, choose a specific area for it on it.

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