TVs of the future

TVs of the futureAssumptions that it will be possible to control the technique with the help of voice have appeared in science fiction writers for quite some time. Experimental models of TVs of the future appear with an enviable periodicity, but we see the mass production of such devices for the first time. Samsung's TVs react to the voice, but they understand 30 languages. Let's see what can be said to him. Switch-on command: “Hello, TV, turn on!” After that, voice commands can switch channels, while scrolling through channels and selecting a channel number are available. You can say “channel number one hundred and eleven,” but you can say “channel number one-one-one,” the TV will understand any option. With the help of voice commands, you can increase or decrease the volume, go to the TV menu. The Smart Hub interface is also called by a voice command, as well as the selection of applications and access to the Internet. You can also search the web by simply dictating your request to the television. All these functions do not require pre-configuration, it’s enough to allow voice control for the first time after switching the same time, you can select exactly those functions that are needed (for example, you can disable the on or off function by voice command).


Gesture control complements voice and makes interaction with the TV more convenient. Starting with the simplest functions - switching channels and increasing / decreasing the volume - and ending with browser control functions. In order to activate the gesture control, you need to wave a hand. The camera will “see” you and be able to recognize gestures. An icon will appear on the TV, indicating that gesture control is activated. Switching channels and volume levels is carried out by “grabbing a button”; to do this, you simply need to make a fist. When browsing the browser, the selection of links and page navigation are similar. In total, the TV recognizes 26 gestures. This language is universal for all. At the same time, it doesn’t matter who is at the TV - its owner or guest, who has come in for the first time.


Previously, it was difficult to imagine that an ordinary TV, hanging in the living room, can recognize you in person. Now it is a reality. Up to 10 accounts can be created in one TV. Five faces are recognized simultaneously.By comparing your face with a photo in memory created when creating an account, the TV will open access to your favorite applications, allow you to go on Skype, social networks and other programs. You can set up access to programs for children so that they only see what their parents allow. Of course, the usual login with a username and password remains, but the new method is much faster and more convenient. It is absolutely reliable, the TV recognizes only a living person, not a photo.


Samsung is improving not only TVs, but also accessories. In 2012, the control panel received a sensory surface, allowing it to be used as a computer mouse. Navigation with this remote becomes more convenient. In addition, the remote supplied with microphones. Voice commands can be "sung in the console", it's convenient if you are around noisy. In addition, the remote is made in the same style with the TV, which makes it a stylish element. .


Functions of voice and gesture control, as well as face recognition have become a reality thanks to the built-in camera and microphones. The camera can be adjusted in height to select the optimal viewing angle.The built-in microphones are designed so that they focus on your speech, not paying attention to extraneous noises,


Samsung is not just introducing a face recognition, voice and gesture control system on new TVs, but it also opens up to developers of SDK so that they can create applications using new functions. Very soon there will be games on TVs in which you can control the characters with hand gestures or quizzes, which you can immediately answer questions without touching the remote control. Even the famous Angry Birds are planning their move to Samsung TVs in 2012.


Philips has announced the launch of a new Smart TV application. The widget of the largest Russian Internet cinema will provide access to the richest catalog of licensed video of excellent quality, distributed on a “video on demand” basis. The service is available on Philips SMART TVs, starting with the models of 2009, as well as Blu-ray-players and Philips home theaters with Net TV service, does not require any configuration and is free. The catalog contains movies, cartoons, television programs and series of both domestic and Western production. Actual television news published literally a few hours after the broadcast.Currently, the total number of videos reaches 60,000 and is replenished daily for 50-100 licensed videos.

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