The best movies in retro style

Recreating a real picture of the past in front of a demanding viewer is a very difficult task, but doable. But to breathe real life into this picture, create the real atmosphere of past years with all the little things and details, whether it be household items or clothes, behavior and even reflections of the main characters, fill the ribbon with an interesting and intriguing plot - this is real skill that is far from to each.

High-quality films in an intriguing and exciting retro style - these are real works of art, there are not many of them, and for this they are really appreciated, because when you watch such a movie you get pleasure, multiplied by at least two.

Beautiful girl

There are a lot of difficulties on the way to creating such films, because quite truly difficult rules are put forward to a truly high-quality film in retro style: following the main historical events, demonstrating the most vivid and memorable features of the reflected epoch and, naturally, an interesting story.

There can not be the usual blockbusters, exciting special effects and unrealizable fantasies, in such films, basically, the main role is played by human relations, designed on the tape of past years.

We present to your attention a list of the best retro films of all time, which, through the painstaking work of the creators, managed to surprise the whole world - someone with costumes, someone with a plot, and someone with a special atmosphere of the past.

The Great Gatsby, 2013, Australia, USA.

The magnificent screen adaptation of the novel by F.S. Fitzgerald, which, having only reached the screens, immediately got a ton of discussions, someone admired, and someone scolded the director's work, we want to focus on the masterwork of the costume designer, Catherine Martin.

This lady managed with incredible accuracy, sparkling and even, you might say, pepper, to convey the atmosphere of the 20s of the golden heights of New York. There is no point in discussing the plot, because you can only watch it, exactly, like the picture recreated on the screen in front of the excited spectator.


The motion picture does not let go for a minute, events develop quickly and dynamically, the main characters make you happy with them, empathize and, literally, relive everything that happens to them during the script.It reveals the world of the rich and famous, spoiled and chic, a world ruled by illusions and deception.

If you do not know what to look this evening, then pay attention to this film, allow yourself to plunge for 2 hours into the retro world of beauty, dreams and eternal human tragedies.

“Road of Change”, 2008, USA, UK.

Thanks to this film, we will be transported to the distant 50s of the last century, into one small provincial family, with our dreams, difficulties, joys and disappointments.

The film pleases with a pleasant and serious cast, which we know from the cult drama "Titanic", which, in turn, also reveals to the audience a piece of a long gone era.

Road of change

There is everything - mores, customs, which we already do not understand in some way, a bright story that is not familiar, except for children, and also incredible outfits of those years. In "The Road of Change" Kate and Leo matured, they play a married couple who, by virtue of their ability, dreams of the best, but is it so simple?

“Education of feelings”, 2008, UK, USA.

Here we will be transferred to the 60s, in the life of the beautiful, but still so naive, 16-year-old Jenny, performed, now famous, by Carey Malligan.A motion picture film is an amazing time machine, because with its help we instantly find ourselves in that epoch that is observed here in and out.

Education of the senses

The film is about the ability to prioritize, about the first strong feelings of love, about youth and mistakes. The film with a British accent, which gave it a special appeal, was nominated for major cinematic awards, including Oscar and Golden Globe.

"Servants", 2011, India, USA, United Arab Emirates.

An interesting film with a deep plot that takes us into the era of the ideal wives of the upper 60s. The film tells the story of a small American town in the South, Jackson, where nothing really happens, everyone knows everything about each other and lives, as it were, according to the thumbnail.


The story revolves around social inequality, reveals the difficulties of the life of the “black” population, who at that time served in the homes of “white” ladies.

Bright costumes, atmospherically transmitted relationships of different layers of society, as well as a pleasant cast of actors will open an interesting and simultaneously touching picture from the past to the viewer.

"Substitution", 2008, the USA.

Another Hollywood creation of the notorious Clint Eastwood, which tells of an unhappy woman, whose role is played by Angelina Jolie.First, a child was stolen from her and then returned, but, as she claims, no longer her son.


No, outwardly he is a copy of her boy, but, despite this, he is not. The action takes place in the 1920s in Los Angeles, the audience is not only exposed to an intriguing plot, but also the charm of those years in every detail, in every new image.

Gosford Park, 2001, United Kingdom, Italy, United States.

The cooperation of English, Italian and American colleagues led to a magnificent and subtle creation of world cinema, the plot of which revolves around the British aristocratic estate.

The action takes place in the 30s of the last century, the script, although it reveals to the viewer the secret of the murder, does not resemble a detective, it is rather a drama, which raises important questions of that time: unequal relationships and difficult fate.

Gosford Park

It will be interesting for the viewer to plunge into the unique decorations of aristocratic estates of the 30s, to look at the lives and feelings of people from the distant past, to get acquainted with amazing retro images that appear in modern characters to this day.

It is worth noting that the motion picture was nominated for six Oscar statues, including for the best screenplay, won the warm reviews of famous film critics, and also gathered about two dozen famous actors in the UK.

Golden Youth, 2003, United Kingdom.

The focus is on the company of cheerful young people who belonged to the so-called golden youth of London in the 1930s.

Young people, among whom is not the most successful writer Adam Symes, his girlfriend and the beautiful Nina Blount, as well as their cheerful friends, who cannot imagine their lives without noisy and audacious parties, are trying to build their lives and decide on the future.

Golden youth

Success in this business is not enough, but how much aesthetics, impeccable English humor and refined taste in every frame, in every appearance of the main characters on the screen! For those who want to plunge into the retro era of the time, the film is a must-see.

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