The best remedies for rosacea

Attractive, fresh and beautiful face - the dream of many representatives of the fair sex. But what if the appearance of spoil minor defects caused by rosacea? Use effective means to solve such a problem.

What is a couperose?

Cuperosis is an expansion of small vessels located under the skin, which has a non-inflammatory nature and manifests itself in the form of spider veins or stars. Symptoms can be localized in different parts of the body, but most often it is the face that is affected, as it is more susceptible to external negative factors. The exact causes of rosacea are unknown, but it is believed that the risks of its development increase stress, sudden changes in temperature, hereditary predisposition, unhealthy diet, bad habits, aggressive cosmetic procedures, ultraviolet light, some vascular diseases and systemic diseases.

For your information! Cuperosis often affects people with sensitive thin skin.

How to choose a suitable tool?

The main goal of therapy is couperose - strengthening the walls of blood vessels. If they are strong, this will minimize their stretching and damage, which will help to cope with unpleasant manifestations. But an effective remedy can also influence in other directions: nourish and moisturize the dermis, stop inflammation of the sensitive skin, increase its elasticity, and also form a protective barrier and neutralize the negative influence of environmental factors.

Tip: When choosing a remedy, consider the type and other characteristics of your skin.

Review of effective pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations

Consider the best remedies for rosacea on the face, which can be purchased at pharmacies or cosmetic stores:

  1. “Troxevasin” is a time-tested remedy for topical use, made on the basis of troxerutin and belonging to the category of venotonic and venoprotective preparations that increase the tone of the vascular walls and help strengthen them. Although there is no couperosis in the testimony, the ointment has proven itself in the treatment of this disease.
  2. "Cora" - a fairly effective cream of Russian production,which includes components such as thermal water, rutin, vitamin C, betaine, as well as plant extracts and natural oils. The tool strengthens the subcutaneous capillaries, eliminates hyperpigmentation, evens complexion, has anti-inflammatory effects, and also performs protective functions and forms a natural barrier on the dermis.
  3. "Bioderma Sensibio AR" affects the causes of rosacea and helps to quickly eliminate its manifestations due to masking properties. The preparation contains the Rosactiv complex, the smallest mineral particles, tocopherol, micellar water, glycerin, kelp, wax and mineral oils. The cream has a light texture and can be used as a basis for make-up ..
  4. "Lierac Apaisance Fluide Anti-Rougeurs". Fluid not only gives the face a smooth, fresh shade, eliminating all redness and stars, but also improves the elasticity of the skin. Among the components of components are masking green pigments, glycerin, a complex for sensitive derma, escin, extracts of arnica and algae.
  5. Another effective remedy is La Roche Posay AR Rosaliac Intense. Serum has a complex effect in different directions: it reduces the area of ​​redness and the frequency of their appearance, suppresses inflammation, restores capillary walls,fights irritation, soothes and neutralizes the activity of free radicals due to antioxidant properties. The composition includes thermal water, glycerin, neurosensin, ambophenol.
  6. "Avene Antirougeurs" - cream of French production, which includes thermal water, hesperedin, retinaldehyde. These active substances strengthen and restore vascular walls, eliminate redness and swelling, normalize metabolism and microcirculation, and moisturize and nourish sensitive skin.
  7. "Heparin ointment" can be bought at the pharmacy, it contains benzocaine, heparin and benzyl nicotinate. These components have anti-inflammatory effects, have angioprotective and local analgesic properties. Although the ointment is prescribed for thrombophlebitis and phlebitis, it also helps with marked symptoms of rosacea, which is confirmed by the reviews.
  8. "Avene Diroseal". Retinaldehyde, a special water-oil emulsion, dextran sulfate and some other substances can be found in the composition. The tool accelerates the intercellular metabolism, strengthens the upper layers of the dermis, increasing their elasticity, suppresses redness and swelling.The advantages include a neutral level of acidity and hypoallergenicity, which is extremely important for owners of sensitive skin.
  9. "Uriage Roseliane Creme Anti-Redness Cream". The cream includes several active ingredients: the smallest masking particles, cerasterol-2F, thermal water, extracts of ginseng, dextran sulfate. The drug successfully fights the main manifestations of rosacea, eliminating grids, redness, asterisks, as well as leveling the shade of the face and eliminating the feeling of tightness. Moisturizing of the dermis is also provided.
  10. Skin Doctors Capillary Clear. This cream, like other cosmetics brand, does not contain irritating components with high aggressiveness and is well suited for hypersensitive skin with obvious manifestations of rosacea. Among the active components are dimethicone, salicylic acid and lycolic acid, glycerin, extracts of calendula, arnica, bearberry.

Homemade recipes

Folk remedies will help to cope with nets and asterisks or at least make them less noticeable:

  • Use calendula oil. It can be simply applied to the face with massage movements in light movements, or you can mix this component with crushed propolis and natural beeswax (the proportions are equal). Apply mass to the skin, soak for an hour and rinse with warm water.
  • Dried calendula flowers fill with boiling water (a glass on a tablespoon of raw material), boil the mixture for ten minutes, strain and in a cool form use for washing after waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.
  • Strawberry berries contain vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the walls of capillaries, as well as acids that even the complexion. Crush a few berries and evenly distribute this gruel on the face, leaving it for thirty or forty minutes. Wash with cool water.
  • Rub on a medium grater half of the raw potatoes and mashed potatoes, without squeezing the juice, apply to the whole face. After twenty minutes, wash. This tool will give the skin freshness and make less noticeable small subcutaneous vessels.

Described in the article drugs and folk remedies can help make symptoms of rosacea less pronounced.

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