The child began to get sick very often :(

Our son is 5 years old. Previously, the child was practically not ill, but in the last month he had been ill three times: cough, runny nose, fever. Appealed to our pediatrician, but as always, she prescribed a standard treatment, from which no sense. Perhaps you will advise a good specialist in Moscow to whom you can contact? Or advise from personal experience, how do you treat your babies in such situations?


Our family has never been a supporter of drugs. Almost always tried to find alternative folk remedies. My grandmother knew a lot about medicinal herbs and taught me everything. Now I try to apply her advice for treating children and other family members. For example, when we are sick with colds, then I brew tea for children from linden, raspberry and thyme. Just soar legs, if there is no temperature. And in two or three days the kids feel better already.

It is possible that immunity is weakened, and now every sore is clinging. We both began to walk in the garden, so systematically twice a month sick.Even the presence of an inhaler at home and all sorts of syrups does not save. I think to bring the child back to the salt cave a prevention. Maybe someone has already visited such places, share reviews.

You are not the only ones, we are also now more at the hospital - than in the kindergarten: (My mother is a doctor, she says that this is an adaptation and that all children go through it, we are treating medications prescribed by a pediatrician at home and giving vitamins. sick :(

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I tried a lot of drugs ... And the more I should be wary of this. because it is very harmful to give incomprehensible drugs to a child. A friend advised that after we recover ... to take vitamins for immunity. I recommended the site alone ... sharing with you ... My son Gaucher is 7 years old. Previously, every winter was sick several times. Last year, starting in the fall (about October), the Winter by Altman Yomi Horef complex was drunk. For the whole winter I caught a cold once, and because I didn’t see, Goshka went for a walk almost naked. But we got better in a week. This year we plan to take these vitamins again. Who cares, already ordered I also met this drug in other stores, so I think there are more options for ordering.

Evamenol helps us to get sick less often, we use this ointment as a protective one since 2 years. She used oxolinic ointment before, but evamenol was more like it.

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I can tell from my own experience - that the most important thing is to complete any even the most innocent sore. So I noticed if I didn’t cure something from my son - then he starts to get sick in just a week or two. And if everything is thoroughly cured - then we can raise a little immunity a little - then everything can be fine without getting sick at all for half a year. Here I always get help in the hospital in Moscow for me, this is the best treatment option for sores - there certainly are doing the treatment - and you don’t forget anything.

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