The design of the windowsill in the kitchen - dining table, work area, bench

A window sill in a small kitchen is like a bicycle path for a motorist in a traffic jam. In ordinary life and in the spacious kitchen, he has every right to be empty, but every centimeter counts on a tiny one. Is it possible to find an unusual and at the same time practical use of the kitchen window sill? Easily! Redo in the bar, expand the workspace, place a folding table - many options.

If you have a very small kitchen, then, of course, it is best to use a window sill and a window area as a working one. In this there is no great difficulty, because in standard houses the sill is at the level of the kitchen set. Thus, it can become its logical continuation, and together they can form a single whole.

Unfortunately, in domestic realities, the average kitchen does not occupy as much space as we would like.You need to try hard to realize all your bold ideas in a small space. We have to take into account literally every centimeter of the room, so that the final picture will turn out to be cozy and stylish.

And here are some ideas for using a wide windowsill in rooms.

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