The development of independence in preschoolers

Formation of physical aspects, manifested in everyday life

The period of the first development of independence of the child begins at the age of three or four years. At this time, the child begins to notice the personality and reject the help of the parents. Most often you will have to deal with such phrases as: “I myself”, “mine” and so on. During this period, it is worth starting to accustom him to the pot and clean up after himself, or to do a little work, such as: make him collect all his toys or start washing his hands before eating, learn to tie his shoes, and help him in his life.

And this is where the biggest problems arise that you need to be patient with. After all, sometimes children go overboard with independence and start doing too much, thinking that they are doing everything right and they will be praised for it. As practice shows, everything happens the other way around. Parents do not need to interrupt the enthusiasm of the child, it is better to give him “freedom of action”,for a sharp retraining can affect the behavior and emotional state of the baby, which will discourage any interest in following the instructions of adults.

One of the frequent complaints of parents is the difficulty to get their children to do their homework, or when this very task is delayed for a long time. Here the matter is in the wrong distribution of time and distractions. Such as: the included TV, music, the conversation is off topic.

It is very important for the child to concentrate and not be distracted. If you put him on the workplace, remove all distracting components and leave in his field of view only textbooks or working material with which he has to work. Remind him that if there are problems to call you for help.

Development of personal autonomy

An important component in the formation of the child's personality. At this stage of his small life, he will make his decisions and understand what consequences this may cause. In this stage of development of the child, it is important not to limit his choice and, as a result, if he turns out to be wrong, he will learn from his mistakes.

If the child does not understand what to choose, then you can put it in a frame,for example: shall we go to the zoo or to the cinema? A child can be framed, but it is not necessary to give him only one choice, because this may be reflected in the future. If he offered you a crazy idea, then explain that this can not be so and offer something "mundane."

Developing the quality of independence in a child is not a matter of one day, and it requires a great deal of patience both from you and from the child, and you have only one chance. Do not miss it!

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