The easiest 1.5 V to 220 V inverter

I have not seen the inverter circuit easier than this. For repetition, you will need a minimum of details - there are not more than 10 of them. To obtain a voltage at the output of 220 volts, we need one finger-type battery with a voltage of 1.5 volts.
The simplest 1.5 V - 220 V inverter
Inverters are needed where there is no possibility to connect to a 220 volt network. Inverters are divided into two types: some have a sinusoidal voltage of 50 Hz at the output and are suitable for almost any kind of power supply. Others have a high frequency output, of the order of 500-10000 Hz and not always a sinusoidal waveform. Inverters with a sinusoidal frequency of 50 Hz are expensive, because a 50 Hz sine-wave pulse requires a large transformer or an imitation electronics unit. The simplest inverter that we will do we belong to the second group. And suitable for powering various switching power supplies, such as a phone charger,energy saving light bulb - fluorescent or LED.

Required Components

Transformer 220V - 6V. You can tear out the old tape recorder, receiver, etc. or buy here - aliexpress Battery case AA - 1 - aliexpress Switch - 1 - aliexpress PCB - 1 - aliexpress BC547 transistor (domestic analogue of KT3102, KT315) - 1 - aliexpress
BD140 Transistor with a radiator (domestic analogue of KT814, KT816) - 1 - aliexpress Capacitor 0.1 microfarad - 1- aliexpress 30 kOhm resistor - 1 - aliexpress Tools:
Soldering, if suddenly you do not have to take here - aliexpress
The simplest 1.5 V - 220 V inverter


Let's start with the inverter from the circuit. This is a common multivibrator on a compound transistor. The result is a generator at the output of which stands a step-up transformer. We collect the circuit. Fee breadboard, with a large number of holes. Insert the parts and seal them with jumpers according to the scheme.
The simplest 1.5 V - 220 V inverter

Operation Check

If all the components of the circuit are OK and the circuit is assembled without errors, then the inverter starts working Immediately and does not need to be configured.
Mostsimple inverter 1.5 V - 220 V
 The easiest 1.5 V to 220 V inverter
Connect an energy saving lamp to the inverter output. Insert the battery and close the switch .The light bulb turned on.
Of course its brightness is lower than when powered from the network, but the fact that it works from the element voltage of 1.5 volts is a breakthrough! Naturally, as elsewhere here It follows that the current in the battery circuit will be several times higher than in the light bulb circuit. In general, the battery must be alkaline, then there is a chance that it will run a little longer. Installation and work with the inverter, be especially careful, the voltage of 220 volts is life threatening. And, believe me, a 1.5-volt battery will suffice to inflict a striking electric shock on a person, and even cause cardiac arrest. As you know, it’s enough to pass about 100 mA through a person, which the inverter is capable of.

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