The evolution of shoes with heels: 100 years for 3 minutes

Waited for a new video from the Mode team? We, too, and certainly not in vain! This time, the piggy bank of the “100 years of fashion” project has been replenished with a story about one of our most favorite wardrobe items (despite the persistent expansion of sneakers!) - heeled shoes. As it turned out, the heel was not always high, and what was considered extravagant in the 20s of the last century, today can only be called pretty and comfortable.

And yet in the collection almost every ten-year-old shoes are flashed, which we would not refuse today. The coquetry of the 30s, femininity of the 50s, psychedelia of the 70s, kitsch of the 90s and, of course, the impeccability of the 2010s ... Wrap up, perhaps, everything!

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