The Japanese began to build houses of ... foam. When you go inside, you wonder!

I remember in the famous work of Mikhail Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" Woland says that Muscovites have spoiled the housing issue. I think that not only the residents of the capital of Russia suffer from this problem.
Get your own home - the blue dream of a huge number of people from different countries.
Japanese architects found a very original way out of this situation. They offer to create and purchase houses, the cost price of which does not exceed 2,000 US dollars. And the secret is that they are made of foam ...
Soft and fragile material has become a real competitor of brick and concrete. It only needs to be covered with a fireproof compound. And then on the construction of a house takes approximately 2 hours.
Trim foam filler layer. Round windows cut out at all.By the way, the shape of the hemisphere for the building was not chosen at random. Designers say it helps to better withstand earthquakes, which are very common in Japan.
The Japanese began to build houses of ... foam. When you go inside, you wonder
The authors of the idea admit that so far few have ventured to move into a similar house. Polyfoam has yet to prove its competitiveness. Designers carried out calculations and argue that the service life of such houses may exceed 300 years.

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