The main purchases to be made before the end of summer

Of course, common sense already prompts us to take what is useful in the fall. And we look no-no and no at cashmere turtlenecks from new collections, dresses of emerald hues and burgundy boots. But the end of the summer is worth at least occasionally celebrating the same way, as well as its beginning, with some reckless trick or purchase. And it will not be a crime! In the end, it is not always the same to look for trophies on sales, some instances come across to us so suddenly and accidentally that I want to exclaim only "This is fate!" So, we present finds from which it is impossible to tear off a sight and a bank card.

Orange swimsuit

The Moscow brand Bodypoetry is beautiful not only for its name, but also for its swimwear collection. They just look so simple. We all know that there is something interesting behind the seeming simplicity. And in this case it is a cut. The range is enough for all types, honestly. Another enviable feature - these models look great as a body with jeans or a skirt.That's the dance dress ready.

 Bikini Bodypoetry

Bikini Bodypoetry (15 800 rub.)

Wicker Pig Bag

The Cult Gaia wicker bag with the name The Babe is sure to confuse many. So much time was spent searching for the perfect “basket”, when this accessory suddenly appeared, which took away quiet sleep and appetite. Well, judge for yourself: a basket bag, hand on heart, is still good in archival photos with Jane Birkin. In life, she is a props for fashion shooting and frames for Instagram. But this beauty - ironic, unique, and without too much romance. So what is left for us? Rather, buy such a chorus "... so that the summer does not end."

Cult Gaia wicker bag

Cult Gaia wicker bag ($ 198)

Sweater with the inscription

Hades is a British brand of knitwear, which local fashion editors, stylists and Alex Chang managed to fall in love with. The first collection was devoted to rock music and scattered like hot cakes. The topic of the next series was devoted to emotions, hence the slogans of Jealosy, Unrequited Love and La Douleur Exquise. These sweaters have some special charm and romanticism. Well, how can you resist the word Melancholy, derived in the region of the heart?

Hades sweater

Hades Sweater (£ 160)


Sezane - the most favorite brand of Parisian fashionistas this year.The best novelties on the site are scattered for a couple of hours, and all those who are late, have to wait for the replenishment of the assortment. Sezane makes clothes, bags and shoes, and can also be proud of its collaborations. This time, the brand launched a collection with the creative team of the LA Dance Project, which makes productions for the Mariinsky Theater, Geneva Ballet or Lyon Opera. You don’t have to go to a choreographic class to fall in love with a Dancer slogan or a delicate pink sweater that will look cool with a little peeping attire. Well, we start the hunt?

Denim jacket Sezane

Sezane Denim Jacket (€ 95)

Glitter Sandals

To be honest, over the summer we got a little tired of the “intelligent” shoes with small square heels, strict loafers and even kitten heel heels. Sometimes you want to go back to basics, put on something such and go to a party. For "such" let the sandals of juicy combined shades answer, from which they do not tear off their eyes. Fashion is fashion, namely from such shoes breathes careless girlish joy and mood of "Sex and the City". Are you all ready?

Glitter Uterque Sandals

Uterque sandals with sparkles (9 990 rub.)

Cheerful sweatshirt

The brand Etre Cecile will surely like (or already like it?) Women of fashion.The slogan of the brand Presque pariesienne ("Almost Parisian") ironically hints at the style of things - a little French, but still with a hint of hooliganism. Fun sweatshirts, ideal for pleated skirts and denim, are the main objects of desire for models and bloggers who adore the brand. Still: for camera lenses just right!

Etre Cecile Sweatshirt

Etre Cecile Sweatshirt (9,127 rub.)

Plaid shirt

It would seem that the cell this summer was abound, but the heart of the treacherous freezes when looking at this shirt. On the site of the brand Maison Cléo, you can find the coveted promise that the bought model under the name Julie will soon be back on the market. And in another way it can not be: without this thing, you do not want to go on a long-awaited vacation. Wide, well-cut sleeves and an unheated large red cage will be appropriate in the city. And perhaps even help extend the outgoing summer.

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