The most popular tools for tanning

Tanning is an artificial means of tanning that helps the skin to give the desired shade without the help of sunlight. It is a healthy alternative to ultraviolet and can successfully replace a tanning bed.

That is why tanning is in great demand among women. Many girls are afraid to use this cosmetic because they fear an unnatural skin tone. Based on this, the best tanning can be called one that is not very different from this tan.

Each girl dreams of a tanned and beautiful skin. Especially after a long and cold winter, I want to look spectacular. To do this, there are enough ways to please your skin, and give it the desired shade.

There are a lot of tanning: for the body, for the face, for the legs, in general, for every taste. Many of them do not just give the skin a chocolate shade, but also moisturize it, as well as help users get rid of cellulite. All products give the upper layers of the skin a dark color.And no matter how people were afraid there, but it’s safe to say that they are safe, just like any milk or body cream.

People with allergies should use them with caution, because they contain coloring pigments. In order for the shade on the skin to turn out without streaks, before using it you need to peel well with a scrub.

Tanning comes in the form of lotions, gels, creams, sprays of wet or dry spraying or milk. Which one to choose - everyone decides for himself.


  1. This is the fastest way to get an amazing skin tone without harm to health.
  2. Thanks to him, you can change the tone of the face, and hide the circles under the eyes. It is also used instead of foundation. In order to hide unwanted circles under the eyes, you need to apply the tool to the entire face, except for the areas around the eyes.
  3. The darker the shade, the slimmer you look. With the help of tanning for a couple of hours, you somehow lose weight by a few pounds. Plus, these tools help to hide cellulite.

5 tips for choosing the right tanning

Council number 1. Carefully read the composition

Today, among the tinting components, dihydroxyacetone is in the lead, therefore, it must first be sought on the packaging. And before applying self-tanning on the body, it is necessary to test it on a small area of ​​the skin. If after 2 days the reaction is not noticeable, then you can safely use it.

Council number 2. Choose a suitable formula for yourself

Nowadays, there is a fairly large selection of products for tanning: gels, napkins, lotions, creams, sprays, etc. It is better to start with lotion or milk, they guarantee an even tan and moisturize the skin well.

Gels are suitable for all skin types, though they dry out quickly. Creams have a slightly fatter consistency, which is why they are recommended for people who have dry skin. For people with a fatty type of skin tanning lotions are suitable in the form of mousses. It is most difficult to apply tanning in the form of sprays and wipes.

Council number 3. Define "your" shade

On packages the type of skin for which tanning is intended is always indicated, it is necessary to pay attention to this. For those who have skin of light and medium color, you need to take tanning with the inscription “light” or “medium”, and for the dark ones - “dark” or “deep”.

Tip # 4. Prepare the skin

One day before applying the tanning lot, make sure you do hair removal, stop using cosmetics and deodorants.

Before applying, you need to get rid of dead cells, that is, to do the pilling or just apply a scrub on the body. After that, take a shower and smear the body with a moisturizer. Now you can apply tanning.

Tip # 5. Apply the agent

Before using tanning, wear latex gloves on your hands. On the lips, hair roots and eyebrows to apply a greasy cream, it will help to avoid a yellowish hue. Then, evenly, in a circular motion, apply self-tanning on the body, starting with the feet, from top to bottom. In the area of ​​the knees and elbows, it is better not to accumulate excess funds, because a bluish tint may appear.

After such a procedure, you need to wash with soap and hands, with special attention should be paid to the nails.

10 popular tools for tanning

1. Sublime Bronze Airbrush (L'Oreal)- this is tanning, dry consistency, which gives the body a natural shade. Does not leave streaks, streaks and greasy. Appears on the body an hour after use, has a pleasant aroma and dries quickly.Estimated cost: 9.66 USD.

2. Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express- will give the skin a smooth, light tan, golden hue, the effect appears within two days. The consistency is reminiscent of jelly, has a low-fat texture and a pleasant aroma. Thanks to moisturizing ingredients that are included in this jelly and aloe juice, tan lasts much longer. Estimated cost: 19,32 USD.

3. Cream-gel Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow (Dior)- perfect for face. The composition contains gold shimmering particles. It is absorbed very quickly and does not leave stains on the skin. Estimated cost: 22.83 USD.

4. Aerosol-tanning Nivea Sun (Nivea)- this inexpensive antibronzant in a matter of hours will allow you to get a beautiful, platinum skin tone. To make the product smoother, it is advisable to make a peeling before use. It is not recommended to use the aerosol in the area of ​​the elbows, shins, hands and knees. Estimated cost: 5,27 USD.

5. Bronze Nature (Yves Rocher) lift tanning- It is a double action cream: tanning and protection against aging at the same time. The lifting effect is noticeable after just one hour. It can be used to maintain an even skin tone throughout the year. Recommended for women from 25 years. Estimated cost: 9.66 USD.

6Body lotion "Gentle flicker" (Dove)- Carefully cares for the skin and intensely moisturizes it. Gives the effect of light shimmer glitter. For a golden tanning effect, it is recommended to apply for 5 days. Apply at least once a week. The lotion is suitable for both oily and dry and combination skin. Approximate cost: 3.51 USD.

7. The Haze for No Streaks Bronzer (Garnier)- This dry spray spray with the aroma of almond is great for a light and dark skin tone. After a couple of hours appears golden and natural tan. Approximate cost: 6.15 USD.

8. Autosunburn-bronzant Flash Bronzer (Lancome)- instantly gives the skin a stunning golden hue, self-tanning appears gradually, besides it has a delicate mousse texture. Approximate cost: 20.19 USD.

9. Daily Body Lotion Complete Care (Olay)- gives a healthy skin color and a slight shade of tan. Approximate cost: 4.39 USD.

10. Water-based tanning spray Fast Dry Bronze (Lancaster)- this spray smoothes and exfoliates the skin, gives a natural tan color. It perfectly moisturizes and prevents skin aging. Estimated cost: 19,32 USD.

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