The subject of special pride FWO Bauch

The company is especially proud of the acoustic design of the dynamic heads, called the ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) transmission line. This is a patented PMC acoustic speaker design that significantly improves the response in the low frequency range and has a beneficial effect on the overall sound quality. In fact, the transmission line is a tunnel of rather large length, rolled up like a maze inside the speaker system, with one end resting on the back side of the radiator and the other in the hole in the wall of the case.


Over the entire length, this channel is filled with a special damping material patented by RMS, which effectively absorbs vibrations from the back of the speakers in a certain part of the sound range, starting from the top bass and above. As a result, it is possible to achieve a deeper and more controlled bass than in a similar case, equipped with a phase inverter port, which solves the main problem of the latter - going out of control of radiation at the very bottom of the operating range.And this character of the sound is maintained even at low volume levels, which will be useful when listening to music or watching a movie in the evening and at night.


When working on the Wafer series, the PMC engineers had a difficult task - to place a branded transmission line in the case, which is just over 10 cm deep. from the clutter of large wooden boxes, devouring priceless square meters of living space. Wall mounting will be also useful in the cinema, built on the basis of a video projector. The reasons are the same - speakers do not occupy the usable floor space. Here, such acoustics directly compete with embedded models. In this case, a simpler installation makes the hinged option in a certain sense more attractive. The design features of Wafer2 PMCs exclude any installation options, except for surface mounting. All necessary equipment for mounting the speaker to the wall, as well as a template for marking the mounting holes are included in the delivery package, for installation you will need only a punch and a set of drills.By the way, for lovers of embedded solutions, when acoustics are mounted on the wall flush, in the company's nomenclature there is a modification of this model РМС Wafer2 inwall for mounting in niches specially prepared in the wall.


Of course, the PMC company did not become a pioneer in the production of this kind of speakers, but it was the British engineers who managed to avoid the compromises that usually accompany the speakers made in this form factor. As a result of shallow depth, the case of such speakers has a large front panel. Also, apart from the layout of the transmission line in cramped conditions, it was necessary to solve the problem of parasitic reflections from the facade and the wall around the speaker system. Again, the company's vast experience in developing original acoustic coatings helped to solve the problem. The RMS damping material Stealth Baffle, which normalizes outgoing sound waves from Wafer2, helped to cope with reflections. As a result of all the measures taken, the firm sound handwriting of the RMS is recognized immediately, regardless of the design features. Unlike most speakers, the Wafer Series PMC speakers are sold individually.This is due to the fact that this model can successfully act as a front or rear acoustics, and as a loudspeaker of the central channel. You can independently form a surround sound system with five or seven satellites.

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