The younger brother Paris Hilton married the Countess

The world will not be the same, after in January of this year, Hollywood's main party girl Paris Hilton announced an engagement with actor Chris Zilka. But with the wedding, the younger brother of the star, 28-year-old Barron Hilton II, was ahead of her. The other day he married his beloved Tessa von Waldendorff, an actress, a beginning writer, and, of course, a blonde, like all women in the Hilton family (it can be said that the traditions of Barron are immaculately observed).

Tessa, who turned 24 in February, is not only an it-girl with a degree in French and literature, but also a true aristocrat, whose family comes from a noble German family and still wears a count's title. In order not to go into details, let's just say that the young countess is the cousin's great-great-great-great-great-aunt of Marie Antoinette herself! This is Paris Hilton's sister-in-law.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hilton! I love my beautiful family, "Paris signed touching pictures in Instagram from a wedding ceremony that took place on the French island of millionaires Saint Barth.

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