This Scandinavian style, which you are not familiar: 3 important nuances

Scandinavian style is not always a room with white walls with furniture known Swedish brand. Want to understand this fashionable style to the end? Then read our article.

By the way, in the photo above - a real and rather typical apartment in Sweden, you cannot imagine a “Scandinavian”!

1. Color in the Scandinavian interior

Traditionally, scandi-style interiors are associated with white. In fact, Scandinavians do not like white color, but bright light. It is very overcast in this region (there are only 1,800 hours of sunshine per year in Stockholm’s sweetest city in Sweden, for example, in Madrid - 2,800) So the residents of Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark tried to let the maximum light into the house, make the windows bigger, and only close the curtains in the bedroom. And over time, and style entrenched.

White walls in their houses are found - but more often in rented apartments. According to standard contracts, leaving, the tenant must make repairs.And what could be simpler and cheaper than buying a can of plain white paint? Yes, and the next tenant is easier: white walls will suit any furniture and textiles, any style.

But Scandinavian white walls are not really white. There is a special name: Stockholmsvit (Stockholm white): a drop of gray and yellow is added to the white paint. It turns out a very interesting soft shade of white, and the wall never looks cold and "hospital." But the ceiling - yes, it must be snow-white: just to reflect and scatter daylight around the room.

But the Scandinavian style is definitely a color. And in the 70s in the Scandinavian countries they loved almost acid colors, in the 80s pastel shades, in the 90s they were neutral and earthy. And today they use the whole palette, however, with more calm shades. Because the house should be warm and cozy. Just about that below.

Make a note:in the Scandinavian style, use soft pleasant shades and do not get too carried away with white.



2. Scandinavian comfort

Comfortable home atmosphere - a separate theme of the Scandinavian style. Like the Scandinavian culture in general. That is why there simply cannot be “official white”, which some designers imitating style mistakenly use. Because comfort is super important.

Scandinavians have always preferred to call friends not in a cafe, but to visit: it is more comfortable at home. Here, too, there are special words: Swedish fredagsmys - Friday comfort and Danish hygge - home comfort. This is when the house is full of relatives and guests, it smells delicious, and the candles are lit. Therefore, the furniture in the living room is placed in a circle so that the whole family and guests can talk and spend time together for hours.

Make a note:in the Scandinavian style, put furniture so that it is convenient to communicate, light candles and wrap them in soft rugs.



3. Scandi style: materials and textures

Ask a person who has been to Norway or Iceland about his strongest impression, and he will answer “nature”. Scandinavians are proud of their beautiful nature, cherish it and try to let it into the house. It's more pleasant to see the greenery in the window, and not the new curtains, and walking along the wooden floor is more pleasant than on the carpet. Well, except that a small rug at the sofa to throw or artificial "skin" - for comfort.

Naturally, the main requirement for materials is naturalness. Wood, stones, natural cotton and linen, wool, leather, clay. Here you have the abundance of traditional ceramics, cute textiles, warm rugs.



And — going back to the walls — they don't have to be smoothly plastered. A little texture never hurts.

Top textures for the Scandinavian style

The leading brand of Italian plasters in the incarnation of the Scandinavian style recommends using primarily textures that mimic natural materials. It will be very natural to look at the walls for unblocked wood, as well as for natural stone.

To make the interior more interesting and deeper, diversify smooth walls with plaster for concrete or brickwork. In fact, with the right choice of color that matches the Scandinavian style, the surfaces can be given any matte structure. And if you want to increase the amount of reflected light - and glossy.



Make a note:take in the work more natural materials, and give the walls an interesting texture.

Scandinavian interiors are impossible not to love: there is so much light, nature, life and soulfulness. Finally, I want to remember the main principle of Scandinavian decorators: make a good design in your house not for fashion, not for guests - it's just nice to live in a nice house among beautiful things.There is nothing to add.

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