You will need
  • - long grain rice
  • - canned beans
  • - onion
  • - sweet green pepper
  • - pitted olives
  • - boiled eggs
  • - tomatoes
  • - lemon juice
  • - red wine vinegar
  • - ground black pepper
  • - salt
Cook crumbly rice. Fish mash with a fork. Sweet pepper and onion cut into small cubes, and olives - into small rings.
Combine the prepared ingredients by adding beans, lemon juice, salt vinegar and pepper. Mix everything thoroughly, cover the salad with a lid and leave to stand in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
Put lettuce on the dish and lay out the salad. From above we decorate with a slice of egg and tomato. Bon Appetit!
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Helpful advice
Canned beans are better to use dark to give contrast to the salad.

Tip 2: How to cook rice salad with spinach and tuna?

A great way to recycle leftover rice! Moreover, even if you have a decent portion of it, because it is definitely the salad of the second day!
How to cook rice salad with spinach and tuna?
You will need
  • - 300 ml of rice;
  • - 400 g canned tuna in its own juice;
  • - A bunch of fresh spinach;
  • - 8 cherry tomatoes;
  • - 1 medium cucumber;
  • - half of the onion;
  • - balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and pepper to taste.
Separately mix all ingredients for refueling. Onion thin shred, put in a salad bowl and pour dressing, so that it is a little pickled.
Cut the tomatoes into slices, cut the cherry into 4 pieces. Spinach tear hands. Add to salad bowl to onions.
From the tuna drain the excess liquid, send it to a salad bowl with vegetables, put the rice there, mix everything well and serve.

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