Tip 2: How to lose weight in spring

First of all, this is due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that have arisen during the winter period. It is necessary to add to this the presence of pernicious habits, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as unhealthy diet. Therefore, a radical change in nutrition in a tight diet can cause severe damage to the body. Spring diet - it is rather not even a diet, but the principle of nutrition, which can be used at any time of the year, not limited in time. Sample menu for three days: For breakfast on the first day, you should cook an omelette (150 g), sprinkled with dill or parsley, a thin slice of cheese (40 g) with 2 rye toasts, green tea (200 ml). Before lunch, have a drink of low-fat drinking yoghurt, in which you can add thawed berries (250 ml). At lunch, it is recommended to eat a medium plate of chicken broth with chopped carrots and greens, 150-gram steam beef patty and 100 grams of vegetable salad. At lunch, fresh fruit (apple, pineapple, pear) and 250 ml of mineral water.Dinner should be 100 grams of buckwheat porridge with a piece of baked pork (100 grams), 1 slice of rye bread and 1 tomato. 2 hours before bedtime you can drink biokefir. The second-day menu should start with a medium portion of milk oatmeal with dried fruits, 1 mandarin and a glass of green tea. For lunch, we recommend 2 cereal loaves with a small slice of lean fish and dill and black tea. Lunch should consist of a portion of borscht, 2 slices of rye bread and 1 nectarine. Between lunch and dinner you should eat a glass of low-fat kefir with 2 diet crackers. For dinner put out vegetable stew with chicken (200 g), from drinks: 150 ml of mineral water. For the second dinner, a fruit salad made from strawberries, bananas and oranges (150 gr) is well suited. The third day. For breakfast, eat 2 boiled eggs, 1 apple and drink 200 ml of freshly brewed coffee. The second breakfast should consist of 200 grams of cottage cheese casserole with raisins and a glass of freshly brewed green tea. For lunch, a medium portion of bean soup, a slice of cheese with 2 bread toasts and 3 medium-sized plums are recommended. A snack before dinner can be 150 grams of fruit jelly and a glass of black tea. Dinner should consist of a 150 g serving of baked fish, apple salad, fresh carrots and cabbage (150 g) and 150 ml of apple juice. 2 hours before bedtime, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of ryazhenka.

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