Tip 2: What to do if you bite your nails

Different people bite their nails for different reasons. In most cases, the cause is nervous tension. In another case - the concentrated thinking of any decision. Suppressed aggression, and directed at oneself, is also a cause of nail biting. Some people bite their nails simply because they bother them. Since the reasons for this habit are psychological in nature, it is best to contact a qualified psychologist. But you can yourself get rid of this habit, for which there are several ways.
As soon as there is another rush to bite the nails, get distracted, engage in some useful work. If nail nibbling helps you focus, try replacing them with something else. Gnaw a toothpick, fruit or vegetable. Start to care for your nails, make a manicure - beautiful smooth nails will be a pity to spoil.You can also make extensions - acrylic or gel nails are hard to bite off. You can smear your nails with something bitter (iodine, mustard). You can dip in the brine or scrape them with soap.
Try to be less nervous, philosophical about life. This will help you walk in the fresh air, soothing teas, relaxing baths. Exercise, too, will help to escape from harmful exercises. Buy a special bitter varnish and constantly cover them with nails. Carry a nail file with you so that a broken off nail can be immediately processed without having to bite. If you have enough willpower, put the matter under control. Watch your actions, think up a system of punishments for each gnawed nail. Ask your friends to beat your hands when you bite your nails. To give up this habit is necessary for medical reasons.

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