Tips to help you choose the perfect flour

The success of tasty pastries, pancakes and many other simple and more complex dishes often depends on the flour that we add to them. The variety of this product on the shelves of stores is truly great, it is made from almost all cereals. But it is this fact that sometimes confuses confusion in housewives, who, wanting to have the secret of perfect dishes, try to find the right option. For the choice to be really successful, it is not enough just to learn about the quality of the product, it is also important to take into account the type, type of flour and to correctly approach the process.

Choose in the store

Flour products are increasingly included in the diet of modern man. On the shelves of supermarkets you can see dozens of types of flour, each of which will be good for certain purposes. But in order not to purchase low-quality goods, you should pay attention to several important characteristics.

  1. Packaging. The ideal option is a paper bag. Through it enters the air, but it does not appear harmful insects and extend the shelf life.
  2. SortIt is believed that the highest grade and white color - the ideal parameters of flour for delicious pastries. But this is a fallacy. Professional bakers know that this product is great for pastry or confectionery. But for pies such flour is not good, it lacks B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and also contains a small amount of gluten, which makes the dough crumbly. Uncomfortable pastries will be successful if you use flour type 1, and for pancakes, dumplings and home-made dumplings, 2 varieties will do. In such a product in the grinding process all the useful substances are saved.
  3. Colour. It should be white, with a light cream shade. If you notice the presence of a red tone, this indicates the presence of a large amount of bran, and blue indicates the use of unripened grains during the grinding process. If water is added to high-quality flour, it will not change its color, and low-quality goods will acquire an additional shade.
  4. Shelf life. Flour, made a week ago, is also not suitable for dough and other dishes, like the one that has been lying for more than 1 year. Pay attention to the expiration date indicated on the package, if it exceeds 6 months, look for another option. Long-term storage is possible only if stabilizers are added.
  5. Check by touch. If you buy goods by weight, take a pinch, the same can be done at home with the packaged product. Ideally, you should hear a creaking sound when rubbed. If the product clings to your hands or gathers in lumps, it is stored incorrectly and damp.
  6. Taste. In a quality product, it is always sweet and pleasant. Bitterness is present in stale flour, and a crunch on teeth indicates extraneous impurities.
  7. Smell. It must be neutral, the smell of rot and staleness indicates improper storage conditions.

Which is better?

It turns out that wheat flour, which is usual for us, contains practically no nutrients. Manufacturers often resort to various vitamin supplements in the process of its manufacture. But there are also kinds that will help to give your dishes an original taste, besides, giving you an extraordinary benefit.

  1. Buckwheat flour. Perfect for making pancakes and pancakes, it can be used as a bread pan and prepare the first porridges for the baby. To make it easy even at home, all you need is to dry buckwheat in the oven a little and grind it in a coffee grinder.
  2. Linen.If you want to give your dishes a spicy nutty flavor, use this product. Particularly tasty are obtained with its addition of minced meat, soups and casseroles.
  3. Oatmeal. A great option for homemade cookies and healthy kissel.
  4. Almond Opening for those who watch their figure. Preparing pastries based on it, you can be sure that it will turn out delicious, and will contain a minimum of calories.
  5. Rice. Useful in that it lacks gluten, which can cause allergic reactions. It is perfect for baby food, as well as using it to make very tasty homemade noodles and lush pies.

Choosing quality flour, give preference to purchase in a store or supermarket. Sellers in the market often pack up poor-quality, cheap goods of small mills in packages, presenting it as the best option for your baking.

But in the store, be careful if you see that the goods are sold near the fish department, give up the purchase, because high humidity is its main enemy. Do not stock up on flour for the future, having lain for more than 3 months, it loses its properties and needs constant sifting.Remember also that knowing how to store flour is as important as choosing it.

To prevent insects from getting there, put a few cloves of garlic in the bag, and bay leaf will help maintain the desired level of humidity. Knowing all the subtleties of buying this product, you will definitely be able to cook delicious pastries and other dishes that will delight your loved ones.

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