Tips to help you wake up early without problems

Unfortunately, most are forced to get up early in the morning, and not everyone can do it without problems. And you can make the awakening more pleasant and faster and feel cheerful? Of course yes!

So, how to learn to get up early in the morning?

  1. Awakening must be right. As soon as you hear the alarm, open your eyes, think of something good and pleasant, take a deep breath a few times to oxygenate your body and help it to wake up, and also stretch. You can also lightly pat or rub your cheeks to cause a rush of blood to your head and brain. After that, immediately get out of bed and proceed to the usual morning affairs. And do not delay the alarm, it will not give you anything.
  2. As an alarm signal, use some pleasant melody that evokes positive emotions. This could be your favorite song.Moreover, it is advisable to choose something that is not very loud, since a sharp and loud sound can frighten and disrupt the work of the nervous system.
  3. Create an enabling environment. For example, if you need to get up in winter, and you do not want to crawl out from under the blanket because of the cold, turn on the heater so that the room is warm. If the sun is shining in your face, then block the windows with light curtains that will dim the light a little. In addition, your bedroom should be beautiful and comfortable, so responsibly approach its repair and selection of finishing materials and accessories.
  4. Look for incentives and reasons to wake up. Even if you need to go to work, and do not want to do it at all, find the motives. For example, in the morning, allow yourself small weaknesses in the form of treats. This will give you pleasure and make you wait for the morning and at the same time will not affect the figure, because during the day all the calories will be consumed. In addition, you can search for the small joys that are available to everyone. Think about the fact that an early awakening will give you a few minutes alone with you, the first gentle rays of the sun. In addition, you will have more time, which means that you will finish all your affairs faster.You can also think that you will improve your health, become an organized and responsible person and will be able to do absolutely everything.
  5. Go to bed early, best until 22:00. Yes, this is trivial advice, but after sleeping, you will get rid of such morning symptoms as fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. Healthy sleep restores strength and gives a charge of cheerfulness. In addition, it is at night that hormones are produced that normalize our mood and emotional state.
  6. Do not eat at night. It would seem that this is not connected with the morning awakening. But in fact, a dense meal before bedtime will force the body to work, will not allow it to rest and recover normally and disrupt sleep. As a result, getting up in the morning will be very difficult. It is better to drink a glass of yogurt or kefir an hour or two before bedtime.
  7. Adjust and respect the regime. Lie down at the same time, including the weekend. Waking up is also desirable at the same time. You will see that in just a couple of weeks your body will get used to such work, it will start to work better and will wake up on its own, even without an alarm clock. At the same time you will feel great.
  8. What to do to feel more cheerful? You can drink a glass of water after waking up. It will partially wash away the bacteria that have settled in the mouth, as well as gently and carefully start the functioning of the body and help it to wake up. By the way, you can add lemon juice to the water, it will also help to cheer up.
  9. In order not to wallow in bed in the morning and not to delay the moment of waking up, try to leave the alarm clock not under the pillow or on the bedside table, but at the other end of the room. In this case, you just have to get up and walk, and physical activity will help to awaken. In addition, you can purchase a “smart alarm clock”, which involves entering a code or keyword or searching for one of its details. So you can start the work of the brain.
  10. Use aromatic oils. The oils of lemon, grapefruit, neroli, jasmine, clove, mint, orange, cinnamon, basil, cedar and so on have invigorating and awakening effects. So, you can keep a bottle of oil or a scented candle on the bedside table and use the aromas in the morning.
  11. Change habits gradually. For example, if earlier you constantly woke up after lunch, then you should not try to immediately get up at seven in the morning and wait for a surge of cheerfulness, it definitely will not.Just wake up every day for 10-15 minutes earlier, and gradually and painlessly you will reach the right time. And do not forget to go to bed earlier!
  12. Get in the habit of morning exercises. But do not overdo it, you should not overstrain immediately after waking up. A few tilts and turns, enough legs and arms.
  13. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to feel invigorated. First, you need to eat right. Eat more vegetables, berries and fruits, dairy products, cereals. Eat lean fish and meat. Secondly, give up bad habits. Both alcohol and nicotine adversely affect sleep and the work of the body as a whole. Third, move more.
  14. Praise yourself and reward. For example, if you got up early, then go to the store and buy yourself something. This may be a treat, a new blouse.
  15. Make plans and follow them, let your day be scheduled by the minute.
  16. When you wake up, look in the mirror and wish yourself a good morning. This will lift your spirits and convince you that you are awake.
  17. If it is very difficult for you to wake up, you can go for tricks. So, try to set the alarm at an earlier time and let yourself be pampered in bed. You can also set the clock on the alarm clock (but only on it, so as not to confuse anything).

May your morning be kind and vigorous!

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