Tomato care: what you need to do


Top dressing of tomatoes

If you are not a supporter of regular feedings, you should not write off this event from the accounts at all. It is mandatory to feed the tomatoes in July, if you want to still produce a good harvest.

For this ideal fertilizer based on mullein. To prepare it, dilute liter of mullein in 10 liters of water, add a glass of wood ash and 40 g of superphosphate. Mix everything. In the morning, pour plenty of beds with tomatoes with warm water. Break through the soil and make a small groove around each tomato bush. Carefully pour in the prepared fertilizer.

Literate watering tomatoes

Water the tomatoes only with warm water! Do it at the root, moisture should not fall on the leaves of the plant. From excessive humidity, tomatoes can get phytophthora.

The ideal frequency of watering - 2 times a week. Per one square meter of landings spend no less than 10-15 liters of water.

Removal of stepsons on tomatoes

Paceniks are shoots of tomatoes that grow between the stem and the leaf. They need regular removal. If they are not touched, the tomatoes will consume nutrients to grow new leaves, and as a result, the harvest will be poor.

Remove stepchildren until they reach 4 cm. When removing longer shoots, you can easily injure the bushes of tomatoes and weaken their growth.

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