Top 10 most common misconceptions about alcohol

Alcohol each uses for its own purposes. And everyone regarding him has his own opinion. But some of these opinions are wrong. And what myths about alcoholic beverages can be called the most common?

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Top 10 most popular myths about alcohol:

  1. Alcohol intake helps to stimulate and improve the appetite. It is a myth. In fact, the feeling of hunger appears after drinking alcohol, but there are a few "but". First, you need to use only strong drinks, such as vodka, brandy or whiskey. They affect the center of saturation and start its work. Secondly, the dose should be very small (no more than 30 milliliters). Third, the increase in appetite will be short-lived. Fourth, the feeling of hunger can not occur instantly. So, after drinking a glass of vodka, it appears after about 15-20 minutes. So the one who "takes on the chest" for appetite, does it in vain.In addition, alcohol (especially strong) has an extremely negative effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs, irritating them. And if drinking alcohol before a meal becomes a habit, then the risk of developing gastritis will increase.
  2. Alcohol can increase performance. Such a judgment has recently become quite common. Many people think that if you take a little drink before doing a certain task, then it will be done much faster. But immediately it is worth noting that we are talking only about the smallest degree of intoxication, manifested, for example, after drinking a glass of wine. Australian scientists conducted a study, during which it became clear that in fact, the opinion on improving performance is subjective. Yes, some of the speed of thinking processes really increased, but most likely because of self-hypnosis. No wonder they say that drunken and knee-deep sea. That is, after drinking, a person thinks that he will turn mountains, and gets down to business. But soon this fervor fades away. And the concentration of attention and coordination under the influence of alcohol deteriorate.
  3. Alcohol helps keep warm. Many people drink alcohol to keep warm.And the pleasant heat is really felt, which is connected with the property of alcohol to expand the vessels (in the cold they narrow, and this causes unpleasant sensations). So, if you drink 50 ml of vodka or some other strong drink, the vessels will expand, and blood circulation and blood supply to the tissues will improve. But who is limited to one glass? Few. And if you drink more, the blood flow will increase significantly, and this will lead to a significant increase in heat transfer. As a result, the body will begin to cool much faster, which will only aggravate the situation. But frozen because of intoxication will be in a state of euphoria, which will not let you feel cold. And prolonged exposure to cold can lead to sad consequences.
  4. Alcohol helps to cope with stress. Many people drink, so to speak, "for the mood." And in fact, small doses of alcohol (no more than one glass of wine) really help to relax, as they eliminate vasospasm due to the vasodilator effect. But, as a rule, bored is not limited to small doses. And larger volumes have a negative effect on the nervous system.As a result, intoxication leads either to irritation and scandals (it is they who end some sittings accompanied by alcohol), or to plunge into depression.
  5. High-quality alcohol can not harm the body. That is what many people think when they buy expensive and famous alcoholic beverages. But it is worth remembering that alcohol in any form is harmful to the body, especially used in large quantities. The fact is that one of the decay products of ethyl alcohol is acetic aldehyde, which triggers many reactions in the body that negatively affect its work. But in fact, there is a bit of truth in this judgment. Low-quality alcoholic beverages are made from crude alcohol and often contain harmful additives. And all this, of course, harms more than high-quality alcohol.
  6. With the help of alcohol, you can treat a cold. And some believe that such a tool will help eliminate all the symptoms: from sore throat to rhinitis and fever. In fact, there are no logical explanations for such expected effects. The temperature may decrease, since the vessels will expand under the influence of alcohol, and the heat emission will increase (but with a significant increase the situation can only worsen).As for the cold, no changes will be observed, and the condition may worsen due to vasodilation. The pain in the throat, too, will not pass, since alcohol has an irritating effect on the mucous membranes. The only thing that will be useful for the patient is a glass of heated red wine, such a drink can help the immune system.
  7. Alcohol helps reduce blood pressure. Yes, a small dose of alcohol can expand blood vessels, relieve spasm and thereby slightly reduce the level of pressure. To notice the effect, it is enough to drink one glass of wine. But many forget that alcohol has other properties. One of them is an increase in heart rate. But the more the volume of blood pushed by the heart into the bloodstream, the higher the blood pressure. In addition, some alcoholic beverages may include substances that, by themselves, can affect blood circulation and pressure levels. In general, alcohol to hypertensive patients is contraindicated.
  8. Alcoholic drinks are low in calories. Many, drinking, do not even think that there are a lot of calories in alcohol.But in fact, the stronger the drink, the more it contains calories. And this is due to the concentration of ethyl alcohol. So, 100 grams of vodka contains as many as 230 calories! High sugar liqueurs are also high in calories. So alcohol is harmful not only to health, but also to the figure. From this point of view, the most harmless can be called wine. The energy value of such a drink is due to the high content of carbohydrates, and such calories burn easily (as opposed to "alcohol").
  9. Beer can not be considered alcohol. This is absolutely not true! First, beer also contains alcohol, albeit in small quantities. Secondly, beer can have a negative effect on the liver and heart. Thirdly, this drink is often used in large quantities, because of what leads to weight gain. Fourth, beer has an effect on hormones. And, fifthly, today beer alcoholism is very widespread, which is a serious disease.
  10. Alcohol is not necessary to drink, and a snack. In fact, appetizer appetizer strife. So, if you bite alcohol with cold dishes, the alcohol is not neutralized and immediately absorbed into the blood.The same thing happens when drinking alcohol. If you eat something hot, then partially alcohol will be neutralized, and the degree of intoxication will decrease.

These were the most common myths about alcoholic beverages.

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