Top 10 photos in history sold for crazy money

A photo is a moment captured on film. Some shots are so unique and beautiful that it is not a pity to give any money for them. But there are photos that were bought for fabulous sums. Find out which ones were the most expensive.

The most expensive photos

So, the top 10 most expensive photos:

1. Photo "Billy Kid"1879-1880 years. The person in the photo is an American criminal from the Wild West who was accused of killing more than 20 people. The governor of the state in which Billy Kid wielded, appointed a reward for the capture of this criminal.

Photo "Billy Kid" of 1879-1880

Subsequently, the murderer was caught by sheriff Pat Garrett, who then wrote a biography of a maniac. And the picture is famous for being unique, that is, there are no other images of Billy. It is believed that the picture was made by a friend of the thug Dan Dedrick.

The oldest ambrotype method was used, in which the mirror image was reflected on a metal plate.The photo was sold in 2011 in Denver at one of the auctions. William Koch laid out for it $ 2,300,000, although no one planned to bail out more than 400,000.

2. Photo without name number 153dated 1983. The author is Cindy Sherman. The photo is scary and brings fear. The fact is that it depicts a dead woman.

Photo by Cindy Sherman

Everything is frightening here: gray hair with a tint of blue, a parted mouth, a bruise on the cheek and other signs of violence, open glassy eyes looking at the sky, dirt. Few people look at the picture without shudder, but it was sold at auction for a crazy amount, namely for 2770500 dollars.

3.Photo included in rating"Lake in the moonlight", made by Edward Steichen. It depicts a lake, which reflects the trees and the moon. Everything is blurry and not very clear, but the picture is remarkable in that it, in fact, was the first color. Its author was an impressionist artist and a very famous person of the beginning of the last century (Edward made portraits of celebrities and shot documentaries, several of which brought him the Oscars).

Creepy photo

This photo was originally black and white, like everyone else at the time. But Steichen used photosensitive jelly, which colored the image and made it colored. Previously, this method was not used.The work was auctioned in 2006 and sold for 2,928,000 dollars. Buyer can be understood, because the photos are more than a century, and it is unique.

4.SnapshotLos Angeles 1998. The author is a rather well-known photographer Andreas Gursky, whose main idea was that the main character is a person who lives in a huge world among the same people as he, and who occupies his certain place.

Andreas Gursky

The photograph shows a huge night city, which from the height of a bird's flight looks like a field strewn with artificial lights. It is a symbol of the modern world with its universal globalization. It is incredibly beautiful! And the connoisseur gave her $ 29,141,755. Yes, beauty requires sacrifice, what to do.

5.Another work by Andreas Gursky is called"99 cents II". It was made in 2001 and sold for a fabulous 3346456 dollars. In 2007, a copy was bought by Ukrainian businessman Viktor Panchuk, and such a high price is explained by the name of the photographer known all over the world.

99 cents II

The work consists of two photos, which depict the hall of the supermarket, in which consumer goods are displayed, costing 99 cents. Both photos are similar, but the angle is slightly different.The author, by the way, processed the pictures and removed all unnecessary: ​​wires, light bulbs, as well as store buyers.

6. Photo of the "Cowboy"2001-2002 was made by Richard Prince, who is quite famous in the world of photography photographers of his time. The main direction of its activity is the so-called “American antiquity” and modernity, characterized by a society based on consumption.

Cowboy richard prince

Richard earned his popularity thanks to his three famous works, including this photo. It depicts a man in a hat, galloping on a white horse. In general, the picture was advertising and was intended for the company "Marlboro", which produces cigarettes. And according to Richard himself, his work is the personification of the unattainable ideal of a man, a certain illusion, which is never destined to become real. The photo was sold for 3401000 dollars.

7.Continues the list of photos sold for crazy money, work“Dead Warriors Speak”Canadian famous photographer Jeff Walla, dated 1992. The author developed his own unique printing technique on a transparent basis and took large-format pictures.This photo was taken under the influence of the brutal war in Afghanistan.

Dead warriors say

All the characters and details seem realistic, but in fact the photo was taken in the studio, and all the warriors are just actors. Next, the image was processed on a computer and printed on a transparent basis, the dimensions of which were 229x417 centimeters. Then the image was placed in a plastic box and sold for 3666500 dollars.

8.Job"For Her Majesty, a collage of photos"1973 The authors are George Passmore and Gilbert Prosh. These two photographers are working in the direction of performance photography and have become famous for the photos in which they play the role of living sculptures.


This picture is a composition of frames, which depict men dressed in expensive costumes, standing against the background of a variety of interior items. The buyer is unknown, but in 2008 he acquired this work at auction for $ 37,652,76.

9. Untitled Job№961981, authored by Cindy Sherman. This photographer works in the technique of staged photos and ranks seventh in the rating of “The Most Influential Persons in the Art World of 2011. Cindy herself considers herself a performance artist,but not a photographer. This work is one of the most famous and expensive.

Cindy sherman

The picture shows a teenage girl. The girl has freckles, red hair and a pretty showy appearance. She is dressed in bright orange clothes, lies on the ground, looks into the distance and holds in her hand a piece of newspaper. The girl’s nails are painted with bright red varnish.

As conceived by the author Cindy Sherman, in this photo at the same time innocence, immediacy, seductiveness and desire coexist. In the hands of the girl a piece of a newspaper with ads about dating. And this means that in an innocent, seemingly childish body, a female fragile soul already dwells, who is looking for a way out and begins to break free. At one of the auctions, the snapshot was purchased by a stranger for 3,890,500 dollars.

10.The most expensive photograph is"Rhine II"Andreas Gursky, made in 1999. The photo shows the Rhine River, located between two dams under a gloomy sky. Surprisingly, the photo was processed in the program "Photoshop".

"Rhine II" by Andreas Gursky

In the original version, a passer-by with a dog, port facilities and a power station spoiled the view. All this was removed, in the end it turned out a gorgeous photo.Andreas said that the only way to show the image of the majestic river. The picture was printed on acrylic glass in the amount of 185.4 h363.5 centimeters and placed in the frame. The work was bought by the Monica Spryut Gallery for 4338,500 dollars, and then the picture was transferred to an unknown collector.

Would you pay so much money for a photo?

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