Top 7 good gifts for the New Year for children


Choosing gifts for children, everyone wants it to be not just things, but a small piece of a fairy tale. Feel like a Santa Claus and give a kind, causing stormy delight gift - this is the place of each parent. But what if there is a desire to please the baby, but there are no ideas of a suitable gift?

Especially for you, we have compiled a pre-holiday TOP-7 of the kindest gifts for your kids! Choose, buy, and do not forget about the beautiful, fabulous wrapper. Your child will be just happy to receive something from this list, which means that the celebration will be successful for you.

№1. Robopes

This amazing dog will delight both girls and boys. Besides, the next year is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog, and donating a dog would be a great solution. Robopes is the hero of the popular children's cartoon. The toy can move independently, execute commands and even play with the ball!


№2. Children's musical instrument

A welcome gift for all kids.Playing on it, you can not only invent different melodies and play no ordinary sounds, but also understand that the music is yours, and you need to take it seriously.


No. 3. Board on the wall

Very good addition to the interior of the nursery, especially for schoolchildren. Draw, make plans, write lists, or simply record interesting facts for yourself - you can do anything on it.


№4. Light drawing tablet

This is a novelty on the toy market that delights all the kids. On a special surface with a flashlight in the dark, you can create any picture that, gradually fading away, will still glow for a while. You can adjust the thickness and brightness of the lines, creating real masterpieces.


№5. Giroskuter

Popular toy, it has become the dream of every child. And although now it is not a season for her, in spring and summer it will become your child’s favorite thing.


№6. Inflatable sledges

What could be better than a bright inflatable children's cheesecake, which is so fun to ride downhill? With her winter walks will be even more pleasant!


№7. Game console

This, of course, is trivial, but does not lose relevance at any time of the year.Not only children, but also their parents love consoles, and a variety of games will appeal to everyone, even the most selective players. Immerse yourself in the wonderful and beautiful world of games!



These were the TOP-7 of the kindest gifts to children for the New Year. Becoming Santa Claus or Snow Maiden is easier than you thought!

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