Top of the most famous outlets in the world

To dress fashionably and look stylish, it is not necessary to spend fabulous sums. Even things of famous brands can be available if you buy them in the right places. Shopping is best in the outlet, and among them are the largest and most famous.

What it is?

Outlet is a relatively new concept that has come to us from Europe and America. This is a unique format of shopping centers, the main specialization of which is the sale of clothes of popular brands at relatively affordable prices with significant discounts.

Prices are falling, primarily due to lower rent. Outlets are usually located not in the central areas of the city, but in remote or even on the outskirts of settlements. Accordingly, renting premises in such places is much cheaper, which affects the cost of goods. Often there are direct supplies from manufacturers, and this also affects prices. Among the reduction factors, it is also worth mentioning the more modest design of the departments and the reduction of the staff of the staff.In addition, outlets are often supplied items from boutiques, for example, relating to last year’s collections or not the most popular among buyers. But there are new lines in the assortment, so it’s wrong to call the points of sale as discount centers.

There are three types of outlets:

  • Monobrand In selling position only one brand. The assortment is wide, as is the size range, but prices are much lower than in the world's largest boutiques.
  • Multibrand in the form of a shopping center. It looks like a traditional shopping center, but not located in the central part of the city, but in a remote one.
  • Multi-brand in the form of the so-called "village". This view involves a set of separate small shops located in the same area.

Most Popular Outlets

We offer the top 10 of the most famous and large outlets:

  1. "Fidenza Village" is located in Italy, namely, an hour's drive from the center of world fashion - Milan. Here you can purchase clothes of more than one hundred brands with discounts reaching 70%! Directly to the place you will take the company bus. A service is provided for collecting and issuing goods at the exit from the town after the end of the shopping: you can enjoy free-handed shopping and get packaged items leaving the outlet.Another useful option is a personal stylist who will help you choose the size and model.
  2. "Las Rozas Village" is located about half an hour from the Spanish Madrid. And in this outlet you can make purchases all day without fear of getting tired or hungry, because there are restaurants and cafes in the territory besides boutiques. You can get here by car or by a company bus that travels from the center of Madrid.
  3. Ingolstadt Village is located in Munich, but you can also come here from other cities, such as Fürth, Nuremberg and Erlangen (branded buses run from these places only on Saturdays). And shopping here will definitely be successful and comfortable. First, there are big discounts on the most different products of famous brands. Secondly, on the territory of about a hundred boutiques, so that you will definitely find what you are looking for. Thirdly, you can satisfy your hunger in one of the restaurants or cafes. Fourthly, there is a hotel for dogs (they are not allowed in boutiques with animals). Fifth, in the “village” there is a changing room and even a room for prayers.
  4. "La Roca Village". You can get to this Spanish outlet from Barcelona in forty minutes. And shopping here is not only beneficial, but also pleasant, since discounts reach 60%, and the town is designed in the classic Catalan style, which will please visitors.It’s not easy to get around 130 boutiques in one day, so you should be patient and strong. And you can find out the details of the work and other useful information on the official website, which is also available in Russian.
  5. La Vallée Village is located in Paris, which is renowned throughout the world for its elegance and elegance of the locals. And this is not surprising, because they have the opportunity to visit the outlet, located an hour's drive from the French capital (from its center there are special buses that deliver customers daily). In 115 boutiques there are permanent discounts of at least 20-30%, and if you leave a request on the website in advance, you can get a personal stylist for free.
  6. «Valmontone Outlet Village». If you go to Rome and want to make shopping that does not hit your pocket, then go to a picturesque small village located 40 kilometers from the capital of Italy. In addition to the giant shopping center with 170 brand boutiques, you will see stunning inspirational shopping landscape.
  7. Fashion Arena Prague. In the Czech Republic, too, there is an outlet, and it is located in one of the suburbs of the capital, Prague. This place looks like a huge arena, including boutiques of the most famous and legendary brands in the world. By the way, buyers can get here absolutely free.
  8. “The Mall” is the most famous outlet in Europe, which is located in Italy, namely in the Tuscan Leccio Reggello (this is a small province in Florence). Here you can buy clothes, perfumes, accessories and even jewelry of the most famous brands with great discounts. And profitable periods for shopping - the second half of the summer and January-February.
  9. "Bicester Village". The largest sales center in the UK is a small picturesque village, which can be reached from London in one hour. There are a lot of boutiques, restaurants and cafes in case visitors want to have a snack. By the way, royal families and stars often make purchases here. Perhaps you are lucky to see some of them.
  10. “Serravalle Designer Outlet” is a large and well-known outlet in beautiful Italy, which covers an area of ​​over 30 thousand square kilometers and includes sales points of about 180 brands.

Correct shopping

To make shopping at the outlet easy, productive and economical, follow a few simple rules:

  • In order to keep abreast of the renewal of the assortment and be among the first to purchase items of new collections, you can ask the sellers when the next delivery of goods will be. If staying in the city is long, then you can catch all the freshest and stylish.
  • Seasonal discounts available in brand boutiques usually extend to outlets, so shopping is most profitable during such periods. But sales centers are open all year round, so you can enjoy shopping at any time.
  • It is undesirable to visit outlets at the weekend: these days there are a lot of locals who do not have free time on weekdays. And if you make purchases on Monday or Tuesday, then avoid fuss and queues.
  • In most outlets there are no cameras, so when you go shopping, take with you only the most necessary, namely money (international bank card) and documents. A passport may be required to issue a check for cashless payment.
  • Acquire only what is planned and really necessary. Typing a bunch of unnecessary things, you risk increasing the size of luggage, which will require additional payment for overload during the flight, if you return to your homeland by plane.

Be sure to enjoy shopping if you are lucky enough to visit one of the largest outlets in the world. Pleasant and profitable shopping!

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