Understanding Together: Good Advice to Summer Residents

On the garden plots sometimes unfold hostilities. Neighbors cannot agree on the size of the buildings and the height of the fences. Our consultant, director of the legal center "We and the Law" Victoria Tsarikhina-Fesenko tells how to solve peacefully disputes in the country.
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Neighbors are building a house a meter from our fence. Are there any restrictions on the layout of the site?

If Neighbors persist and continue to work, you are entitled to sue them. The fact is that there are sanitary standards (SNiP 30-02-97). They are established for garden and seasonal dachas. This document regulates the distance between buildings. For example, your neighbor can build a house no closer than 3 meters from the fence. Please note that if there is an element protruding more than 50 cm (porch, balcony, shed) by the wall of the house facing the site, then the distance should be measured from this part.

Is it possible to force a neighbor to remove the bushes or to prune if they have grown into our territory?

By law, shrubs can be planted at a distance of 1 m from the border of the site, while it is worth considering that the raspberries should be behind the fence, dug to a depth of 60 cm (this will prevent its growth). There is a separate rule for tall trees that give shade. They are planted at a distance of 4 m from the hedge, and low-growing trees - with an interval of 2 m from the fence. If a neighbor does not respond to comments, contact the board, at its meeting a decision will be made, it will be in your favor. Order violator will be forced to make changes.

Is it possible to put a deaf fence along the border of your summer cottage?

It is possible to install deaf fences only on that side of a site which borders on the street or the wood. But between two garden possessions, it is necessary to build a fence no more than 1.5 m high. The ideal material is a chain-link mesh. Neighbors can divide plots with a blind fence, but they can only do this by agreement. By the way, many gardeners do just that. In doing so, they divide the cost of building the fence in half.

The neighbor took up the breeding of the bird and placed the chicken coop near our house. How to make him move the shed?

Take a tape measure and take measurements. Check at what distance from your fence is a shed with chickens. If it is less than 4 m, write a statement to the court. But first talk again with your neighbor, explain that he violates sanitary norms. Refer to SNiP 30-02-97.

Is it possible to build a large house with a garage and a sauna in a garden partnership? Do I need to get a separate permit?

If we are talking about building on the summer cottage, no permission is needed. The main thing is that you are the owner of the land. Make a building plan, make sure you choose the right places for them. They should not go against sanitary standards. For example, the distance from the adjacent plot to the garage can be at least 1 m. By the way, there are rules for interior planning. So, the minimum interval between a residential building and a bath or toilet is 8 m. If you act according to sanitary standards, your neighbors simply have nothing to complain about. When all facilities will be ready, make a declaration (the form can be taken in Rosreestre).Indicate in the document all the objects that are on your site.

Neighbor moved the fence and captured part of our site. How to make him return the land?

Well, if you did the survey. It defines the boundaries of the site, the data are recorded in the inventory. In this case, you can take an extract in the Rosestre with a graphic image of the plot. This document should be addressed to the land inspector (in the same Rossestre). He will visit your property for verification. If the violation is proved, the invader neighbor will be brought to administrative responsibility. If no survey was done, you will have to do it. Please note that the cadastral engineer will conduct the procedure in the presence of neighbors. They must be called.

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