Unusual cat breed Ukrainian Levkoy

Hairless cats have long surprised no one, but if you add lopiness to the absence of wool, you will get very unusual creatures. Ukrainian Levkoy was bred less than two decades ago in Ukraine. He turned out by crossing the Don Sphynx and Scottish Fold.

Description of Ukrainian levkoy breed

To confuse levkoy with other cats is difficult. He has no wool, his skin is covered with characteristic folds, like in the Don Sphynx, and his ears look down like in Scottish Fold.

Ukrainian Levkoy
Ukrainian Levkoy - an unusual breed of bald cats
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Other distinguishing features include the following:

  • Elongated, flat head of medium size.
  • Almond eyes. They are large, but not fully disclosed. Color can be any.
  • The neck is long and muscular.
  • The body is medium in size, muscles are clearly visible.
  • Paws and tail are long.
  • Weight in the region of 5 kg.
  • Any colors are allowed.

This breed has good health with excellent immunity. The only problem that cats face is obesity. The fact is that levkoev has a very good appetite. They eat everything they give.Due to overeating, weight lines are typed. If the owner will feed his cat in moderation, give him proper and balanced food, health problems will not arise.

In order for the pet to feel well, in winter it must be warmed, as it is very cold. In addition, it should be washed regularly, as the secreted from the skin quickly accumulates and turns into a sticky layer.

The nature of Ukrainian leftist

Cats of this breed are very fond of their owners and are strongly attached to them. When the owner of the house, the cat follows him from room to room, and when there is no owner, he is sad and waiting for a meeting. These pets love to communicate with the owners. They sit down nearby and quietly meow about their problems.

Levkos are one of the most peace-loving and friendly breeds.

Another feature of the breed - a sharp mind and ingenuity. You can easily teach pets tricks, quickly explain to him what is possible and what is not. In addition, he is very playful and loves the attention of both family members and guests. Unlike many other breeds, Levkoy will not hide behind the sofa when the house is full of people.On the contrary, he will do his best to attract everyone’s attention.

Despite the unusual appearance, left-handed - ordinary cats with their needs and interests. They are affectionate, playful and loyal. This breed can be started in families with small children.

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