Wakeboarding is a sport for strong people

Wakeboarding is a relatively young dynamically developing direction of water sports, based on movement on the surface of the water behind a special boat, jet ski or other towing installation.

In fact, this direction has managed to combine several extreme sports - skating, snowboarding, surfing and water skiing. In wakeboarding (from the same word “wakeboard”, where “wake” is wake, “board”, respectively, board), the athlete moves along the water surface at the expense of the boat, holding the halyard and performing various complex and sometimes dangerous acrobatic tricks using the wake wave generated by the boat, as well as using various springboards installed in the water.

Needless to say, the beauty and skills of real wakeboarders simply captures the spirit, because this is an incredibly dynamic, vibrant, exciting and impressive sport. To do wakeboarding, of course, you need to have considerable physical strength and dexterity, because even just keeping on the waterboard, which the boat pulls - is not so easy as talking about various flips, jumps and other tricks.

In the US, this sport appeared in the early 90s, after which it actively developed and expanded its borders: in the territory of Europe alone, about a hundred equipped wake parks were built and this number is constantly growing all over the world!

Wakeboarding came to Russia relatively recently, literally a couple of years ago, but even during this time, 6 brand new wake parks appeared on its territory with all the necessary equipment. The main feature of these wake parks are the springboards, as well as other floating figures, which athletes enter at speed to enter a particular figure or perform a trick.

In addition, classes are impossible without boats that, moving at a speed of 30-38 km / h, leave behind a wake wave, which the wakeboarder uses as an additional springboard.

These towing boats are specially equipped sports boats for wakeboarding, their main feature is a screw, which is located deep under the stern, so as not to injure the athlete.

Riding for boats in which the mounted motor can not be - it is dangerous to life.

Where to begin?

If you are a fan of such "doshochnyh" sports, like skate or snowboarding, then you can try something new in the form of popular wakeboarding, because many principles and tricks here are borrowed from these sports.

With it, you can definitely feel a gamut of new emotions and impressions, besides, it is a great opportunity to "winter" the summer, if you are a fan of snowboards, while not losing form, but, on the contrary, developing new skills and skills.

To date, novice wakeboarders are much easier than those who have just begun to develop this sporting direction, because in our time there are already a huge number of manufacturing companies that offer consumers high-quality wakeboard equipment.

Preparation for classes should start with choosing a board: it is very important to choose the one that will best match your level. There are wider and narrower boards, short and long - you need to choose them depending on your height, weight and preferences. For example, the wider the wakeboard is, the more waves will be thrown at it, and the narrower - the more agile it is and the better it accelerates.

In addition, there are special mounts that hold your leg during tricks.They are also different: from models with adjustable feet, to serious clips of the type of shoe - made for a specific person.

Also, special fins are attached to the board, which influence the behavior of the wakeboard in the water: it is thanks to the fins that it becomes controllable. It is also important to choose a vest that will protect you from injury, but at the same time, will not deprive of maneuverability. By the way, the equipment is often allowed to be rented so that you can try and “aim”, after which you make a choice.

Beginners are not recommended to ride more than 10 minutes at a time, because it is very tiring, it is better to train more often, but not too long. Where to deal with - you already know, however, there are those who build improvised cable towing machines to do their own.

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