We do general cleaning.

We do general cleaning.

We do general cleaning.



Cleanliness in the house is the main goal of every housewife. Striving for it, they wipe the dust, clean the curtains and carpets, vacuum the floor and throw out the old trash. However, these are only basic procedures that do not help to keep every corner of the house clean. Sooner or later, a huge amount of dirt is found in the far corners, behind sofas and cabinets. To get rid of it, a general cleaning is arranged, which is caused completely to rid us of dirt and dust in the house. We do general cleaning. Typically, such cleaning is associated with preparation for summer or winter, and are held respectively in the fall and spring. But if you feel that your house is dirty, it will not be superfluous to carry out an extraordinary cleaning.


Nevertheless, in spite of the necessity of this procedure, many try to avoid it, because the general cleaning implies a long and hard work, and not everyone wants to spend all day on it. We have prepared some tips that will help speed up this process and bring some fun to it.


We do general cleaning.


To ensure the greatest efficiency, it is necessary to best prepare for the work ahead. TV and mobile phone will be better kept off, because they spray your attention, but invigorating music, on the contrary, will not hurt. It will not be superfluous to open the windows in order to ventilate the rooms and weathered the smells.


  1. Start cleaning from the top, moving to the bottom and moving clockwise. First of all, you need to clean the living quarters, gradually moving to the others.
  2. First you need to clean the ceiling with a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner.
  3. Then wipe the dust off the chandeliers, clean the curtains and wash the windows. Now you can start wiping dust from surfaces. For better drying, try to open the doors of cabinets and shelves. And, of course, do not forget to throw out unnecessary and old things. If you haven't used them before, they are unlikely to ever come in handy.
  4. Removing old things should not be given to the memories. It only takes away your precious time.
  5. Be sure to clean dust from upholstered furniture, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner for this.
  6. And do not forget about the space between the furniture and the walls, there is accumulated a huge amount of dust and debris.
  7. Pay special attention to the toilet and bathroom.First of all, you should wash the toilet, and then move on to the walls and floors. In the bathtub, extend the curtain with a chlorine-containing substance that fights mold very well. Wipe all the shelves, tubes and, of course, clean the bath itself.
  8. We do general cleaning. And, finally, the kitchen line came. Clean all surfaces, windows and curtains. Wash the dishes and put them in place. Do not forget to throw out what has become unusable. Next, go to the fridge.
  9. Immediately get rid of expired and stagnant products and thoroughly wash all walls, shelves and drawers. After that, you can begin to clean the sink and stove, as well as wipe the space between the walls and furniture.
  10. Having coped with everything, you can relax - the work is done, now you can relax deservedly!


Fighting home dust.



Nowadays, when the whole world is trying to fight the pollution of the atmosphere and a huge number of people are forced to live in stuffy and dirty metropolitan areas, the fight against dust becomes a big problem for households. Every day, thousands of cars, moving, lift into the air kilograms of dirt, which is carried by the wind and deposited on each available surface.And, of course, this dirt gets into our house, turning it into a large dust collector.


Of course, those who have been living in big cities for a long time perceive the pollution of the atmosphere as a given and do not pay attention to it. But this does not change the fact that our furniture, curtains, carpets and other surfaces are horribly polluted with dust, which falls into the smallest holes and fills everything.


After some time, we begin to breathe not pure air, but a suspension of a huge amount of harmful substances and dirt. And getting rid of it is very difficult, especially if you have only available means, for example, an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This makes it advisable to appeal to special cleaning companies that can return freshness to your home.


We struggle with house dust in all ways. With a large set of special equipment and tools, such a service will be able to provide you with the best quality cleaning. The most popular service is dry cleaning of furniture and carpets. Usually, companies provide home services, when all the cleaning takes place on your behalf, and the export of items for cleaning to special places with more powerful equipment.As practice shows, the second cleaning method is the most effective.


However, despite its effectiveness, the second method is associated with a number of difficulties, which include the high cost of transporting furniture and the possibility of damage during movement. In this respect, cleaning at home wins, because it takes place under your supervision in just a couple of hours.


The cleaning time depends on the degree of contamination and the type of material, because the type of fabric depends on how much time is needed to clean it. Delicate fabrics require a long cleaning and careful handling, while unpretentious materials can be cleaned in only 30 minutes.


Fighting domestic dust, what is important here? Also, an important factor affecting the popularity of dry cleaning is the deodorizing effect, which eliminates the furniture from sticking odors, as well as antistatic treatment, which somewhat facilitates cleaning of sofas and chairs from pet hair. But the main thing is that you will feel the freshness and cleanliness in your house for long days.

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