We make a funny rug from old knitted t-shirts

I want to share with you the idea embodied by experience. Perhaps someone will find this interesting.

I think that in every home of the craftswoman there are a lot of different things from the category of “what if it comes in handy”. No offense is said - judging only by itself. I, for example, have collected a decent amount of knit T-shirts, T-shirts and turtlenecks from my kids. It has long been thought how profitable to dispose of them? It is a pity to translate into rags, and rags, by the way, do not need that much.

And now, finally, on the eve of the birth of my first granddaughter, I got the idea to make a soft mat out of them. I do not know whether it was light or from the discharge of those who do not give rest. I mean the idea.

To make a rug, we needed:

1. Glue gun.

2. Scissors.

3. Needle and thread.

4. Circle pattern with a diameter of 12 cm.

5. Knitwear, who have served their own.

6. Nonwoven material is the thickest 1.6 m * 1.6 m.

7. Foam rubber.

8. Sintepon.

9. Oilcloth 1 m * 1 m.

10.Cotton fabric 1 m * 1 m.

11. Lightning 1 m long


So, let's begin. From the previously washed clothes (T-shirts, turtlenecks, etc.), we cut out circles of different colors, outlining the template with a marker.

I spent about 30 children's monochrome T-shirts and turtlenecks on my rug. By the way, she was also disposing of things from her nephews.

Using the simplest “forward needle” seam, we lay a line in a circle, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm. The process is so simple that you can attract older kids. I was helped by both daughters from time to time.

We invest in our workpiece filler (sintepon, foam rubber, etc.), tightening the thread, we get a soft ball.

It took about five hundred pieces of such balls to my mat with a diameter of 1.6 m (do not be scared), so I used the filler used (old padding blanket, foam trimming, knocked over pillows from holofiber) - also a kind of recycling.

When we have prepared a sufficient number of balls of the colors we need (I sewed the balls in the evenings in front of the TV), we can begin to glue them with hot glue on the lutrasil base (sold in construction and shops for summer residents). It was possible, of course, to sew them, but I was too lazy ... According to my idea, there should have been a rainbow on top - I started with it.

Glue the balls tightly in a staggered manner, starting from the edge of our circle.

The gluing process took place on the floor due to the size of the product. In order to avoid damage to the floor with hot glue, she placed the cardboard under the base.

Having pasted all the balls, according to the outlined sketch, I sewed a foam rubber mattress with a diameter of 1 m and a thickness of 3-4 cm in the middle, sewed foam rubber into an oilcloth. Frankly, I just ran out of steam, and my hamster’s stocks came to an end.

From the fabric matching the pattern, she made a round zippered cover for the mattress.

Making a rug is a long and painstaking process, but the result is worth it! Now this is my favorite place to play my granddaughter.

This method can be used for the manufacture of other products. Try to make to begin with a children's ottoman, perhaps it will decorate any nursery.

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