We remove the Christmas decor: how to store toys

We celebrated the New Year, celebrated Christmas, and the old New Year was not forgotten either! And now it's time to disassemble the Christmas tree and figure out where to hide the entire decor so that it does not get tangled under your feet.

Holidays are over, the magic has been dispelled, and you are faced with a quite reasonable question: what to do with all this Christmas tinsel-wreaths-garlands, so that until next year you do not stumble over all this beauty. We have found some creative ideas that will surely help you keep your New Year decorations intact.

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Let's start with Christmas decorations. You can separate them by color andpackaged in transparent zip-packages.Then next year you will not need to sort through a bunch of boxes / sacks, if you suddenly decide to arrange your Christmas tree in the color of the symbol of the year.

If you have an artificial fir tree at home, then you are incredibly lucky. No, not because you respected the “greens” and saved the planet, but because it is much easier for you to remove the tree without pulling out numerous showered needles from the carpet and laminate.But to keep your tree in perfect condition, before throwing it on the mezzanine or balcony, do a few simple manipulations. To startwipe the needles with a damp clothto remove dust and debris. But do not overdo it, otherwise mold forms in wet branches. The storage location, by the way, should also not be wet and sunny. FurtherSew a special case for your Christmas tree. By the way, an old sheet or canvas is perfect for this. You can go even further and make a few bags: for the lower and upper branches. Then store them will be even easier.

If you know that feeling when you unwind a garland for hours to finally decorate a window or a tree, then it's time to change it! So that next year not to repeat their mistakes before packing colored light bulbs,wind them around a flat piece of cardboard.Thus, the garland will not be confused, and you save your nerves when you next get it.

For those who do not like cardboard, we can adviseuse tin cans for this purpose(from coffee or tea). Make a cross-shaped slot in the lid, place the socket inside the can, and carefully wrap the garland around the can.

But for the garland-beads perfectplastic bottles will do! Put your jewelry in there and carefully tuck it onto the mezzanine. And aesthetically, and practical!

Unbreakable Christmas toyscan be stored in a container.But not just like that, but hanging on a special crossbar. Take a special stick / wooden knitting needle, carefully string the jewelry on it and place it in a container (from wall to wall so that the crossbar rests firmly and does not slide). Also in the container you can place special dividers (which remain from under the new wine glasses, for example) and place a separate toy in each compartment.

Living Christmas Wreathscan be stored in the closet.But only if it has a specially provided storage system or additional hooks. Just imagine what coniferous smell will accompany you every time you open the cabinet! Just like in "Narnia".

If there are no special hooks or extra space in the closet, then the wreath can be adjustedround box(for example, from under the caps) orcake box. In this form, fluffy twigs just survive until next season.

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