We sew a dress of scarves ... IDEAS, Patterns, MASTER CLASS ...

For the manufacture will require 2 large scarves. Their coloring should be the same. It is desirable to choose a similar pattern, to combine large patterns on each side.

Initially sew the top of the dress. It is necessary to leave a hole for the head. After that, you should do side seams. Here, too, do not forget about the holes for the hands. It is enough to try on the product and outline the required length so that the hands pass comfortably. The dress is almost ready. To make it look beautiful, you need to choose a cute, color-matched strap or a narrow belt. With it, the image will be completed.

From one scarf. Cut one corner, twist the cut and make a drawstring. Sew the back seam. Insert the ribbon in the drawstring. Done! If desired, you can trim the dress to the hem was smooth (blue outline). Band can be tied around the neck or cross over on the back and sew.

Dresses from two scarves on oblique Dress 1 Sew 2 scarves on two adjacent sides, not reaching a corner of 20 cm.At the corners make 2 loops and insert the braid. Before and back choose by mood.

Dress 2. 2 shawls sew on one side, not reaching a corner of 15 cm. It will be in front. Sew along the adjacent side, not reaching 20-30 cm. This is the back. To the corners, sew a braid.

If you make a strap length of 1.5-2 m, you get a transforming dress. You can tie the strap around the neck, you can on the shoulder, shifting the seam to the front, you can under the chest, crossing them on the back.

Dresses 3 and 4 You can restrict yourself with short straps and make a drawstring under the breast. To do this, scribble from the inside of the dotted tape or strip of fabric. Insert the braid (it can be tied either on the back or on the chest through a hole in the seam) or an elastic band. Or just sew the band under the breast in the center and tie it over the dress. For an open back (blue dress in the photo) do not reach corners of 40 cm or more. Cut the skirt along the red outline, from the remainders cut wide lyamochki and kulisku.

Straight dresses from two scarves. Dress 1.
Perform 2 side seams, and tuck the upper edge of both scarves by 3-4 cm. Pass the band, cord or thick chain that is now just in trend.

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