Weather in Anapa on May 2017 - a preliminary forecast of the weather center at the beginning and end of the month. What is the temperature of the water will be off the coast of Anapa in May

PAM17-001According to a preliminary forecast of the weather center, the weather in Anapa in May 2017 is expected to be moderately warm and not burdened with a large amount of precipitation. Of course, it will rain from time to time, but their number will not exceed the traditional figures for the last spring month. In early May, the average daily temperature will not exceed +19 ° C, and by the end of this figure will increase significantly and will be + 22 ° C in the morning and about + 13 ... 15 ° C at night. You should not count on sea bathing, as the gentle May sun simply does not have time to warm up the Black Sea waves above + 16 ° C, and such a water temperature is unlikely to seem comfortable to the average tourist.But beautiful and smooth tan will all for everyone, as well as to explore the sights and admire the magnificent and picturesque natural views.

What the weather will be like in Anapa in May 2017 - the most accurate weather forecast for Russia every day

Moderately warm, with variable cloudiness and little precipitation - this is what the weather will be in Anapa in May 2017. This is evidenced by a preliminary forecast of the Russian hydrometeorological center, based on long-term statistical data and regular observations of weather conditions in the region. Forecasters claim that no force majeure is foreseen, and the average monthly temperature will not exceed the traditional norms typical of the end of spring in the resorts of the Black Sea coast. Rains will be quite rare and pleasant, relaxed rest does not interfere.


Exact daily weather forecasters forecast for May 2017 in Anapa

According to the weather forecast for every day, on May 1 in Anapa it will be cloudy, but rather warm. The daily temperature will be about + 21 ° C, and at night the thermometer will descend to the mark of + 11 ° C. 2 numbers indicators will become even more attractive.In the morning the air warms up to + 22 ° C, and in the dark it gets cold to + 14 ° C. On the 3rd, the weather will begin to break and the mercury column will crawl decisively down. On May 4, the sky will drag on with a thick layer of clouds and the air will slowly begin to cool, first to + 18 ° C, and in the next three days - to + 16 ... 17 ° C. On the 10th the resort will be covered by the first May thunderstorm. True, there will be no long precipitation and literally within one and a half to two hours the downpour will completely end. But overcast, gloomy sky residents and guests of the resort will be watching until May 13.

On May 14 and 15, the temperature will remain at the same level, but the rains will last for a long time and will not allow resort visitors to walk carelessly through the quiet streets of Anapa without an umbrella, rain cover and comfortable waterproof shoes. The 16th mercury column will sharply jump to the mark of + 20 ... 21 ° C and warm sun rays will break through the dense curtain of clouds. Such a pleasant trend will last for the next four days, and on the 22nd the precipitation and spring coolness will return to the city. From 22 to 28 May, the sun in the sky can not be seen. The average daytime temperature will vary between + 17 ... 19 ° C, and at night, the thermometers will fix from + 12 ° C to + 14 ° C. The 29th day will wait again, but by the morning of May 30 precipitation will completely stop, and the air temperature will start to rise steadily.The last day of the month will please with pleasant warmth (up to + 22 ° C) and Anapa will meet the summer with dry and clear weather.

Weather in Anapa in May 2017 - the temperature of the water near the resort


Despite the fact that the weather in Anapa in May already pleases with pleasant warmth, the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort is not suitable for a full and long-term enjoyment of beach procedures. Even the daily growing solar activity does not have time to warm the Black Sea waves above + 15 ... 16 ° C. Of course, such indicators do not have much to swim, and the beach area during this period of time almost always remains deserted. Rare spa visitors appear there only in the first half of the day and expose their bodies to the gentle spring sun to find a beautiful and even tan. Almost nobody dares to splash in the sea, and the most courageous are limited to washing their feet in invigorating water or quickly plunging into the cool waves and quickly wiping themselves with a towel, desperately trying not to freeze. The bulk of visitors compensate for the lack of water attractions by visiting indoor pools and water parks, which are available in Anapa with many hotel and entertainment complexes.There, guests are offered a wide range of health services and all kinds of water activities.

What is usually the weather at the beginning and end of May in Anapa


From the preliminary forecasts of the hydrometeorological center, it is almost certain to know what weather usually costs in Anapa at the beginning and end of May. Judging by the information of weather forecasters, the last month of spring is not distinguished by too high temperature indicators and does not have much to have a purely beach holiday. But for those who wish to devote a vacation to sightseeing and admiring the picturesque views of nature, this time suits as well as possible.

In May, in Anapa there is still not a large influx of tourists. During this period, most often come the power couple, parents with children of pre-school age, pensioners and people who prefer a summer holiday fireworks, calm, measured rest.

The first half of the month is traditionally famous for lower temperatures and some instability in the weather. But by the end of May, the real summer, as a rule, reigns in the resort, only with more delicate temperatures and without any fuss, typical of the peak months of the season.

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