Weather in Crimea in June 2016 according to weather forecast. What is the usual June weather for the Crimea?


The Crimea is rightly called the pearl of the Black Sea coast. Crystal-clear water and the wonderful climate of this blessed corner annually attract millions of tourists from all over the world. According to the forecasts of the hydrometeorological center, the weather in the Crimea in June, both at the beginning of the month and at the end, is soft and offers a quiet, comfortable rest. Resorts in their reviews note the absence of sweltering heat, heavy rainfall and too high temperatures. Thanks to this, you can enjoy not only traditional beach procedures, but also from pleasant walks and sightseeing of numerous monuments of architecture and attractions.

Weather in Crimea in June 2016 - weather forecast

The weather in the Crimea in June 2016, according to forecasts of the weather center, promises to be stable and clear. Long rains and harsh winds are not expected, as, by the way, are stifling hot days. The average daytime temperature will be + 21 ° C, and at night the mercury column will slide to the mark of + 15 ° C. In the first week of June, the weather on the Crimean Peninsula will slightly “cry up” with short rains, but by 9–10, all the sad clouds and the gentle sun will finally disappear from the sky.


By the middle of the month, it will get a little warmer. During the day, thermometers will show + 24 ° C, and the nights will delight with gentle freshness and pleasant coolness (about + 17 ° C). The water warms up to + 19 ° C and quite a long bathing will be quite relevant even for young children.

In the third decade, the influx of tourists will begin to feel more and more every day. Yes, this is not surprising, because it is during this period that the water will become temptingly warm (+ 22 ° C), and during daylight the sun warms the air to pleasant + 26 ° C and will not be able to soak up the beach and get honey tan. to itself to deny anybody.

Weather in Crimea in June - water temperature


Employees of the weather center are encouraging residents of Crimea and guests of the resort with positive forecasts.According to weather forecasters, the weather in the Crimea is in June, and the water temperature will be pleasant and harmonious. However, both experienced holidaymakers and local residents know perfectly well how unpredictable the Black Sea is and what unexpected surprises it sometimes presents.

The cool current called “nizovka” very often spoils the heavenly picture and reduces the water temperature to almost winter + 12 ° С. To predict the occurrence and duration of a natural phenomenon is almost impossible. Responses of the health resort say that the June "nizkovka" is most characteristic of the most southern regions of the Crimean coast. In July, a cold current is observed in the eastern part of the peninsula and off the coast of Feodosia, while the western part and the cape of Tarhankut are captured in late June-early July. The most curious point is that the “nizovka” always stays suddenly and in no way depends on the total air temperature. Mercury column can get close to the mark at + 30 ° C, and the water at the same time will be covered with icy cold.

What is usually the weather in the Crimea in June in different areas


Soft, comfortable and moderately wet - this is what the weather in Crimea usually is in June.However, in different parts of the peninsula has its own characteristic shades of climate. In Evpatoria, the first summer month is traditionally somewhat warmer than in other cities and towns. And the water off the west coast, due to the shallow depth, heats up much faster than, for example, in Yalta or Sevastopol. In the center of the peninsula is always drier and hotter, and in coastal settlements more humid by day and cool at night. Due to such a wide variety of weather conditions, for each person there is no difficulty in finding his own paradise in Crimea and enjoying impeccable rest.

Reviews real vacationers about the rest in June in the Crimea

About the weather in the Crimea in June, the temperature of the air, water and many other interesting moments related to the rest, tell tourists from different districts and cities of Russia. According to their detailed reviews, you can make a full impression of the resort climate and find out how the weather at the beginning and at the end of the first summer month corresponds to the forecasts of the weather center.

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