Weather in Moscow for March 2017 - the most accurate forecast of the weather center at the beginning and end of the month. What weather will be in March 2017 in the Moscow region

PCM-001Changeable, moderately cold at the beginning of the month and warmer at the end - this is what the weather will be like in Moscow in March 2017. Such promises are given by the forecast from the meteorological center, compiled on the basis of statistical data and long-term observations of the weather situation in the region. Forecasters warn of a large amount of precipitation in the form of sleet at low temperatures and heavy rain with a stable plus. Clouds will become a characteristic feature of March, and only in the very last days will Muscovites and guests of the capital see the gentle spring sun, timidly peeking out from behind the dense veil of gray clouds.A similar situation will be established in the region, only with the difference that it will warm in the southern parts in the middle of the month, and in the north and north-west this will happen only in the last days of March or even in early April.

Weather in Moscow for March 2017 from the Russian Hydrometeorological Center - forecast for the beginning and end of the month

The Russian hydrometeorological center claims that the weather in Moscow in March 2017 will be typical for this period of time and will not bring any unexpected surprises to guests and residents of the capital. The beginning of the month is traditionally held under the sign of small sub-zero temperatures, and by the end the weather situation will begin to break. Warm and cold fronts will still fight for their rights for some time, but as a result, spring stands apart and fills the air with freshness and aromas of the first flowers. The snow will finally disappear from the roadside and the city will welcome April with friendly, dry and clear days.

Weather in Moscow on March 2017 - the most accurate forecast for the day


As the most accurate preliminary forecast of meteorologists says, the weather in Moscow in March 2017 will be moderately cool and very rich in precipitation in the form of rain and sleet. The sun only occasionally pampers the residents and guests of the capital with their appearance,and most of the days will pass under the sign of variable cloudiness.

What the weather promised in March 2017 for Moscow - forecast for every day


In the first spring days, the winter will remind of itself and scare Muscovites with stable negative temperatures. On March 1 and 2, the daily values ​​of the mercury column will not exceed -1 ° C, and at night the air will cool to -10 ... 12 ° C. 3 and 4 will become colder and the thermometers will record around -9 ° C in the daytime and -14 ... 17 ° C in the evenings.
From the 5th it will gradually start to warm up, and the air temperature will first warm to -4 ° C, and in the next two days it will reach -1 ° C. On March 8 and 9, a steady 0 will be established in the capital, and from 10 in Moscow a full-fledged spring will begin. Until February 14, the weather will show an amazing stability for spring. The average temperature indicators on these days will be 0 ... + 1 ° C during the day and up to -1 ° C at night. Precipitation in the form of snow, characteristic for the first decade of March, will gradually pass into the rain and walk through the streets without waterproof shoes, an umbrella and a raincoat will become very uncomfortable.

From 15 to the capital will come the Mediterranean cyclone. Temperature indicators will grow every day and rise from + 3 ° C to + 8 ° C. However, together with the active warming, the city will be covered by a series of heavy torrential rains.They will wash away the remains of snow from the roofs and streets and nothing more will remind you that recently in Moscow there was a fierce, harsh winter.

From March 21, a cold atmospheric front will cause the temperature to drop from + 5 ° C to 0 ° C during the day and to -3 ° C at night. Light white snowflakes fly in the air again and for a while it will seem that February decided to return to the city again. On March 27, precipitation will completely stop and through the dense shroud of clouds, finally, a tender spring sun will break through. True, the warmer from this will not, and the temperature will continue to fall first to -1 ° C, and then to -4 ° C. Plus indicators on the thermometer will be established only on the last day of March, and the capital will meet April with a clear, cloudless sky and an absolute absence of any precipitation.

Weather in the Moscow region in March 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise


According to weather forecasters, the weather in the Moscow region in March 2017 will be very similar to the weather situation in the capital. However, the differences are also planned and they will be expressed in regular, heavy snowfalls. Most of all, these natural disasters will be felt by residents of the northern and northwestern part of the region. There will be quite cold up to 20 numbers, and the snow cover will linger on the roads and roadsides even longer. The really warm days will fall on the very end of March.Already with 25 mercury column crosses the mark of 0 and aggressively rush up, hinting that the spring enters its active phase.

South and southeast will feel warming much earlier than other residents of the Moscow region. In Serpukhov, Kashira and other neighboring cities, a stable plus is outlined in the second decade of March, and by the end of the month the average daily temperature will be + 6 ... 8 ° C during the day and at least + 2 ° C at night.

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