What a man needs from a relationship according to his zodiac sign

To believe or not to believe in horoscopes is everyone’s business. However, all signs of the zodiacal circle still have a common one. Scorpios need passion, Pisces need long conversations, and Virgos need intelligence. About Capricorns generally silent; if such a man chose you, it means that you are special. And let's see: what are they, so unapproachable and complicated, what do we need from us? How to win them?
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Is he:He loves cordially, but to his mind. Economic, obstinate, not averse to teach life and melt in the March smile. Jealous of everything related to his feline affairs.

How to conquer it:

- He should be praised. He himself has already invented everything about himself, and you support him.

- Considering the characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries, born under this constellation, it is necessary to feel strong and courageous, a noble protector and a “stone wall”, even if it is not. Give the initiative to his strong hands, and often ask him for help or advice. He likes to give advice. Dies of happiness.

- If you tell him that he is irreplaceable for you, he will move mountains.Do not appreciate his action - show claws.

- Remind him that he is the smartest, most resourceful and resourceful - he loves such compliments most of all! He will be shy, refuse ... But he will add that he embroider with a cross the best. This is his main sore point.

- You should not be a fight-woman. His weakness delights. In this case, you will sometimes decide your own questions.

The main characteristic of the zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

- Aries quickly moves to an active relationship. If you pull, then you are not hooked.

“There must always be some elusive secret in you.” Never let him solve himself completely, do not reveal all the cards - otherwise he will lose interest in you. And he often loses interest.

- Give him gifts. He loves it very much.

- To the question “do you love me?” Aries will respond positively, even if he does not think so. Therefore, wait for the recognition of the first.

“You must be different in some way from his women.” Aries compare, sadly. But you should know this.


Is he:He is a terrible owner, and your “innocent flirting” and the desire to play can end sadly for both. Wonderful, kind, intelligent and decent man.Do not wake the beast in it, and everything will be fine.

How to conquer it:

- Taurus love tenderness! People of this sign are especially sensitive to gentle words and gentle touches, to kisses and hugs - without this they cannot! Surround it with pleasant aromas.

- Homes should always be cozy and beautiful. He appreciates comfort and order. Remember that Tauruses love to eat - often indulge him with something tasty, especially homemade sweets. And don't forget the meat.

- You have to put up first. Just remember. And it is better not to provoke a conflict.

- Respect businesswomen. Their type is strict Mary Poppins, who at the same time is beautiful, intelligent and knows a lot about the sense of humor.

- You can never tell Taurus that he is weak. “Why did you not cope?” Was it difficult for you to do this? ”- this may end the relationship without even starting.

- He likes to be the center of attention. The world must revolve around him, and his darling too. His principles and habits should always be adhered to, it is easier to agree with him than to start a dispute.

- If a woman succeeds in finding a common language with members of his family, especially with her mother, then Taurus will appreciate this very highly.

- Taurus will always feel a lie. Therefore, rejects the one that pretends and plays the role. But he feels good women, their experiences and knows how to skillfully care for them. So much so that any will fall into his network.

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Is he:Open, cheerful, cheerful. But complicated. If the woman herself starts offensive maneuvers, runs like a scythe from a wolf. To please the Twins, you have to surprise them with something.

How to conquer it:

- This is a very changeable and unpredictable person who appreciates lightness, wit and independence. First of all, come to terms with its variability and inconsistency and try not to lock yourself on one thing, change with it, always be different.

- He likes to be surprised. If you are organizing a date on the roof of the house, then your Twin after the first glass of wine will start falling in love with you.

- Appearance is very important. Often he already has his female type developed over the years. From them you can often hear: "I do not like blondes or brunettes!"

- Gemini reacts very vividly to the mind and intellect - they are unlikely to be attracted by a beautiful appearance without deep inner content.

- Very responsive to speech. They do not like when a lady is talking loudly.Beautiful words and the ability to express thoughts intelligently and gracefully act on them erotically.

- You need to have a dialogue with them. If you are a person who can not talk for a week with a man because of resentment, then this man is not for you.

- If you manage to achieve intellectual harmony with Gemini - we can say that you have already won it, and for a long time!

- It may be responsible, but most likely it is not permanent. Humble yourself. It's forever.

- This is one of the few men who calmly and without thinking can marry a woman with three children and adopt them all. Children will be treated like relatives.

- The gap is possible if there is no respect, the woman tries to beat the Gemini or catch him and put him in his family cell.


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Is he:homebody, philosopher, loving the atmosphere of care in the family, romantic, sentimental hero with a whole set of fears that he has been struggling with all his life Very touchy, sometimes for no reason. Subject to change of mood. Sometimes pays attention to women, like his mother. Good, tremulous husband and father. Cancer-man is looking for a life partner who will reliably protect his rear.

How to conquer it:

- Feed him! It's about them: “Let the heart of a man lie through the stomach!”

- Become his friend. It is very important for Cancers to start trusting the girl. It is to trust, because they are always afraid of everything, especially insincerity and betrayal.

- Look your best! They really pay attention to the appearance. Visuals.

- Never complain about life next to Cancer. They are attracted by cheerful, flirtatious, sociable ladies.

- Try to show him that your interest in him is not accidental, that you have far-reaching intentions. It is important.

- Become something defenseless, they will protect you and help you. It makes Cancer happy, he feels like a man.

- Cancer studies a woman for a long time. Not because he is looking for the ideal. He is waiting for a trick all the time. That's how they are arranged. Do not give him a reason to doubt you.

- This is one of the few signs of the zodiac, which is activated when an opponent appears on the horizon. He begins to be jealous and will not allow anyone else to beat him, to endure such things is not in his rules. He will start to seek your attention.

a lion

Is he:The king of beasts, and that says it all: an eternal predator in full blossom.These men are really friendly, generous, unusually charming, but! They are extremely proud. These men simply cannot live without constant increased attention from other people to their royal persona.

How to conquer it:

- Let him know that he is the best thing that happened to you in life.

- He loves women. Therefore, it is not difficult to catch him and attract him. Harder to keep. They stop their attention exclusively on lionesses by nature: refined, intelligent, proud, of the same "royal blood." Become a queen. Only.

- Manners. This is important to him. He appreciates aristocratic, well-groomed, sleek. You do not have to be a written beauty, but a proud, elegant young lady must.

“You must be terribly kind.” If you like to condemn, bring squabbles, scold this sinful world, then your hero is not Leo. He is a humanist. And waiting for this from his woman.

- Whether you like it or not, never argue with this man. It's useless. He is always right. And sometimes - this is pure truth.

- Never find out the relationship and do not ask him: "Talk to me!" When he needs, he will go to the conversation.

- And further.At the initial stage of a relationship, never make plans for the future (children, home, wicker chairs on the veranda), this scares them. Just stroke his mane, let him purr.

- Lead the tactics of "escape". You chose it. But you, too, are a lioness and are also looking closely.


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Is he:In the first place - business, hobby, idea. This is one of the few men who love is not the quantity, but above all the quality is important. And he would rather stay alone than live with the one that does not suit him at all.

How to conquer it:

- How to win the Maiden? Yes, nothing. He himself chooses a woman. Your task is to continue to match his image.

- He is careful. Even if you have already started a novel, remember, he is still studying you. Like Sherlock Holmes. Looking for clues. Do not relax.

- The main thing that turns him on in women is the mind. Intellect he appreciates more external beauty and attractiveness. Silly talkers do not even appear next to them. Therefore read, learn more and shine with knowledge.

- You must find his point Ji. And these are his hobbies. He enthusiastically loves his hobbies. Share this interest with him, and Uncle Fedor will open the door to his Prostokvashino for you. Once inside, just love him.

- He loves himself and appreciates very much.But, oddly enough, the Virgin is constantly in need of evidence of its exclusivity. And for this you will come in handy: “You are the best in this business!”, “I have never seen such skill!”, “How interesting you are with you.”

- Do not expect words from him. Look at the case. If he remembers the little things and fulfills your desires in the near future, you have conquered him.

- He is a practitioner. Fantasy girl flying in the clouds will push him away immediately. Show that you stand firmly on your feet, value his time and money.

- He likes to be considered the only one. It is very important. The second point of Ji: around a lot of men, but he is the most-most. Flirting with other men is a lightning break.


Is he:Men of this sign are always reinsurers who are trying to spread straw literally wherever possible. Scales are often gallant gentlemen, able to communicate freely with the fair sex. Flirt they need.

How to conquer it:

- First, decide. Do you have such qualities: resolute, sweet and gracious, gentle and condescending, diplomatic, elegant? And plus to this set all the time repeating: "Yes, dear, as you say, dear!"

- Scales flirt. Constantly. They need this drive. They are not at all frivolous.Just like that they raise their self-esteem through the attention of women. You do not see or hear anything. You are the wall. He will appreciate it.

- Always, in any situation - cleanliness, grooming, external brilliance. And flavor. For Libra, it is very important to feel the pleasant plume of perfume.

- Do not criticize in any way. He will be thinking about criticism for a few days. And not the fact that after a certain time he will not remove the black cloak of the savior and hero. And then you get a naughty, vulnerable boy.

- Raising voices, tantrums and conflicts kill them. Libra men like calm women who can lead a conversation in a relaxed tone, adhering to consistency.

- Any lie, even in small doses, instantly kills the feelings in them. They are categorical. Only sincerity. It’s easier for them to tell the dreadful truth than to dodge and lie. This is the law.

- Find their weak link in Cheburashka and become indispensable to them. If they don't like paperwork, then take it upon yourself. And they will be very grateful.

- Libra has a strange feeling of love. They do not think that you need. But they can give you everything you want. Only this must be voiced! They themselves do not realize.


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Is he:In his life among strangers, a stranger among his own. Emotional, feelings and passions fill him everywhere. Scorpio needs the physical side of love ... and an eternal struggle.

How to conquer it:

- It is very easy to lure Scorpio. He loves the beauty of women. And you don’t have to be a model. Sex appeal, a certain train of mystery, freedom of views: it is all very attractive to him.

- Scorpions check their darling through the bed ... Puzzles did not converge, then it does not make sense to continue courtship.

- He is very jealous and suspicious! He needs to be absolutely sure of the loyalty and constancy of his companion. Give him this confidence - otherwise you will not escape his revenge and the terrible bite of Scorpio.

“You have to make him laugh ... Yes, yes.” His slogan: "With whom the jokes are bad, so the rest is not very good!"

- Scorpio is a mystic. He is looking for a universal beginning in everything. Interested in all that beyond. Often you can hear from him: the evil eye, karma, fate. So here. Never laugh at it.

- He has a lot of friends. You should respect everyone, even if you don’t like someone. This is his respect.

- If Scorpio sees even a small speck on your underwear, it will immediately go out.

- In addition, do not be obsessive and pushy - Scorpio is very important to conquer a woman himself, he likes to overcome difficulties. Behave yourself with him at first with restraint and coolness - it gets him and spurs him.

- Scorpio is a bit wild. Remember this. He has flashes of aggression and discontent. Just hug him. Inflated lips and tears annoy him.

- And most importantly. You should always remain an unread book. Come up with a secret. Do not give yourself completely to this hot rush of passion. Play hide and seek with him. Do not settle for every date on the first call. And here it is yours!


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Is he:A fighter for justice and a defender of the humiliated and insulted. He believes that life is lived in vain, if he did not help turn the world around. A woman for him is above all a friend and ally.

How to conquer it:

- The main condition is one - it should be interesting to you!

- He loves enthusiastic, cheerful, sociable, keen women. You must have an interesting business, hobby, occupation. If you sit at work all day and this work is working, and that is all ... you are not interested in it a priori.If you are enthusiastically running in the morning, writing poetry, but just doing embroidery, - Sagittarius will appreciate it.

- Boredom and gloom, monotony, petty quibbles, fanaticism in cleaning will cause in him a feeling of protest and a desire to escape, to break free.

- Freedom! He needs freedom. If you take the Sagittarius into a fist, it will flow out of your palm like mercury.

- Share with him his views and passions, and do not even think of blaming him for spending too much time and money on his hobbies - he needs it! He should feel in you a friend, ally, soul mate and ally, not a rival or “mommy”.

- Sagittarius - an incorrigible romantic and a knight. And what does a knight need? Beautiful lady. There is one trouble. He, like Don Quixote, will come up with you first, then falls in love, and does not understand where Dulcinea has gone. Talk to him immediately about yourself. Open yourself to this, take away from the illusions.

- Let him be generous and generous. With enthusiasm accept his gifts. Give thanks for every little thing.

- The most important thing! He can't be bored. Don't cling to it. This is very daunting Chipollino. In response, you will receive a full range of tears from cleaning the bulbs.

- Convince Sagittarius that your freedom is also very important. They like it. It will spur him on and interest him.

- By the way, this man is very pleased that someone else is caring for you ... Here they are, they like it when the lady likes him.


Is he:Above all, he appreciates work, material well-being and social status, and romance and violent passions are not for him. So one should not blame him for being cold and expect unusual surprises from him, gorgeous gifts or love madness - the real Capricorn is restrained, economical and cautious. He likes to wash everything that comes to hand: brains, other people's mistakes, your actions.

How to conquer it:

- Capricorn is hard to win. But we have to. These are wonderful fathers and masters of life. They are not easy in everyday life, but you will always have everything you need for a good life.

- He puts in the first place loyalty, decency and other moral qualities, not paying special attention to the bright appearance and outright coquetry. Remove grimaces, play with your eyes and other unnecessary women's things.

- No defying behavior. Capricorn has a clear understanding of who will be next to him. Extremely pure relationship.Modesty combined with impeccable taste is what he is looking for in a woman. And, by the way, the social status of the wife and public opinion about her is very important for him. So you should certainly make a good impression on all his friends and acquaintances, including his colleagues and the boss.

- He is a conservative. He will attract a woman with a classic taste. If he makes a remark to her, it means that he is in love ... Capricorn thus shows his participation. “Get better! This is important to me! ”There is no desire to offend. So take care of your nerves and do not be offended.

- In order not to “frighten” a cautious and conservative Capricorn, be prepared to observe the measure in everything. The basic principle of communication with Capricorn is the “golden mean”: modesty, stamina, good taste.

- Do not immediately expect generosity. Not with anything. Neither in feelings, nor in gifts. He will check you for a long time. Here's your soap, here's your water, I'll wash you by myself. And you do not resist, because I am very good!


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Is he:Pure genius. Eccentric, innovator in everything, loving life. The brain constantly in a mad rhythm acquires any information. Women are looking for special, one might say fabulous, but at the same time earthly and purposeful. How do you like the task?

How to conquer it:

- If you decide to conquer Aquarius - you have a difficult task. Be prepared for his most unexpected actions and the most paradoxical judgments, as well as to the fact that you will not be bored with him.

- Does not love women who behave like bigots. Long, tedious, explanatory conversations plunge him into sadness. Be interesting, be different.

- Prepare for the fact that the housework you have to do everything herself. Although the cooks are excellent.

- He needs freedom of choice. He can make concessions, but he won't like it.

- Remember: in no case do not start talking about marriage with Aquarius - this is the most freedom-loving sign and as no one else is afraid of tying yourself to marriage. If he really needs you, he will first tell you about it and offer his hand and heart, but perhaps a little later than you would like.

- You must be a mystery to him. But so that he could solve it. Has solved, well. Come up with the following. Open all your virtues gradually. It is not necessary on the first date to tell your family tree of success. He likes to learn new things and wonder. This is his secret and his way to the heart: “I didn’t know that you sing well!”

- He loves role-playing, especially in bed. Think about it. Turn your house into a stage - this is about him!

- Show that you love children, it touches him. Offer help to his parents, Aquarius will appreciate it.

- Aquarius is very important one thing - a common hobby, occupation. Praise it rightly. Just for what he really did and deserved. Praises with flattery scare him away.


Is he:He is not what he seems. The most mysterious sign of the zodiac for men. Either he is adored or passionately hated. Fishes idolize their women. But also require enough in return. The most terrible words for him: "I do not love you anymore."

How to conquer it:

- The initiative must come from you. Be prepared for his indecisiveness and "separation from reality." Do not try to force him to be a strong personality, do not demand too much from him. There is one secret: what you see in it will be given to you.

- Fishes value their unique inner world so much and are so immersed in their own experiences that they will perceive any active coercion to take active actions as violence against themselves. He cannot say “you should!”, Replace it with the words “I would like you to ...”

- Pisces need tenderness and understanding, and excessively rude or consumer attitude towards them immediately kills all feelings.

- They need to improve self-esteem. Constantly. He doubts everything, do you understand? Frequently comfort and cheer him - he needs it!

- You can not openly show his mistakes. You will see your wizard turning into a dragon. And as the fish is nervous, it is better not to watch.

- Pisces are very gentle lovers. But it is important for them that you voice this. "So only with you and no one else!"

- They like to talk. And even if his ideas are far from reality, listen to him carefully. He already at this stage will have time to fall in love with you.

- Fish love the mysterious relaxing atmosphere, muffled flickering light, flowing fabrics, soft melodic music. More often, create such an environment for them, arrange romantic evenings for them with or without a reason, and avoid everyday life and everyday life in your relationship. And as often as possible confess their love to them.

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