What can you learn by decoding the "black box"

ZBN is part of the system of objective control of aircraft and other aircraft. He collects a lot of information that, if necessary, can report on how the flight took place. Of course, the data is encrypted and, in order to understand it, you need to do a rather complicated job of decrypting it.
The “black box” is made of very durable materials, inside it there are several insulating layers. All this is necessary so that the data are not lost even after a strong blow, because the ZBN is most useful in analyzing air crashes.
In the "black box" is a lot of information that relates to the operation of the aircraft. If you decrypt the data, you can find the height above sea level throughout the flight, the actual height (ie, the distance between the bottom of the aircraft and the treetops or rooftops), flight speed, course, fuel balance. And that's not all.Also in the "black box" is information relating to the work of all mechanisms. For example, you can find out the lateral and horizontal overload, the angles of deflection of the rudders from the neutral, the angle of heel, the course of the control traverse, the voltage of the on-board network and so on. If the aircraft crashed, it is the data from the ZBN that can tell if there was a failure of the mechanisms or a catastrophe due to pilot errors.
The engine, one of the most important parts of any aircraft, also does not remain without attention ZBN. Fixed not only the main, but even secondary indicators. For example, the number of revolutions, the position of the control knobs, instant fuel consumption and so on. It is because of the large amount of information recorded by the pilots that the ZBN is called the “gangster”, because it leaves almost nothing to attention.
Pilot negotiations are also very important, so they are also recorded in the “black box”. Because of the loud noise in the cabin, it is not possible to record all sounds.

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