What distinguishes existence from full life

Without love, life will be empty. To enjoy the world, emotions, you need to love. It is not necessary to be paired to cease to exist and begin a real life. When a person appreciates his parents, friends, homeland, pet, his life will be full of love.
Expand your stay. To begin not to exist, but to live to its fullest, it is worth while to forget about the Internet and television and go for a walk, a hike, a trip. Stop spending all your free time monotonously, and you can feel the fullness of life.
Dare to do something more. A person who never risks, is afraid of change and is brewed in his own juice, stops living in the full sense of the word. He begins only to exist. Use all the chances that fate presents to you, realize your potential.
Do not hide from emotions.People who avoid unrest do not live, but exist. Do not be afraid to rush into the abyss of passion to experience a kaleidoscope of feelings. Then you will understand a lot about the laws of the world, get to know yourself better and get a lot of adventures. Each way out of the zone of psychological comfort is a reason to be proud of yourself and a way to experience something new.

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