What do dogs understand?

Dog perception is different from human. It is not at all more primitive, as some believe, but it involves other senses. A person processes information about a particular object, using primarily his vision. For him, the appearance of the subject is important - its shape, color, etc. In dogs, in the first place is the sense of smell, which allows you to isolate information about the texture and composition of this subject.

According to this principle, they are memorizing words.

If the child sees the ball, his association will be "round." But if the dog says "this is a ball", then it will remember the smoothness of the object, as well as its small size. And all similar objects with the same surface, albeit of a different form, the dog still identifies as a "ball." It is much more effective to teach a puppy to teams based on this principle.

Researchers do not have a single opinion and sufficient evidence about how four-legged friends understand words. However, there is a hypothesis that they process information in both hemispheres of the brain, left and right.Like people, the right is their responsibility for the perception of emotions, and the left - for the processing of information.

That is, dogs are not only able to distinguish intonation in the voice, to react to it - they are able to understand the meaning of what people are talking about.

The dog is man's friend

Four-legged friends are very close to the owners. Someone believes that they have the ability to capture the thoughts of man. About this you can not say anything for sure, but the dogs are definitely able to adapt to the mood of the owner. This is surprising, but quite understandable: for a dog whose ancestors existed in a flock, it is customary to follow always and in everything their leader. And who is the leader for her? Right, master. The host family is part of the same flock. That is why dogs change their mood so easily: next to the calm "leader" and they are calm, and if he is agitated, agitated, he is also restless.

Dogs adopt even the accent of the owners. In different parts of the world, animals of the same breed bark differently. They adapt to the timbre, pitch, volume of people's voices.

How do dogs understand music?

Dogs perceive music - they noticeably react to different tunes.So, the classic soothes and relaxes them. But the hard rock of service breed dogs is sometimes taught to be in a stressful situation. This music scares or stirs them, causing irritation, aggression and makes them bark.

Intellect and not only

What can be said about the mental abilities of these animals? Opinions diverge. Some researchers determine the level of intelligence of an adult dog to be equal to the level of a 5-year-old child.

Also distinguish breeds more capable of learning. These include, for example, golden retrievers, poodles, Australian shepherds.

For four-legged friends, associative thinking works fine. So. if you treat your pet with a delicious bone, he will be able to recall the events that preceded this pleasant treat - for example, he executed the command. Then the next time the dog will cope with this task even faster, remembering the treat.

Most dog associations get from humans. Pets perfectly memorize emotional sensations. So, if a dog is very frightened by a particular person, it can remember it for a long time and avoid similar people, with the same haircut, bag, etc.

But with logical thinking dogs have problems - it is almost absent, like imagination.

However, one cannot be absolutely sure how and what a dog understands - perhaps it is much smarter than it is supposed to be.

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