What do the seals want: 10 ways to make a pet happy

We are trying to do everything that is possible for our purrs: we buy them toys, treat them with delicacies, iron them and comb them. But there are less obvious ways to make the life of your pet in the house a little better. This was told to us by WHISKAS® experts and by Natalya Malkova, PhD in Veterinary Science, veterinarian.

1. More water

Cats are by nature little animals. At the same time, when a cat eats dry food, it needs more liquid, so the question becomes very acute.

It is quite simple to increase a cat's interest in water: arrange several containers with water in the apartment at once. Better if they are of different sizes. Cats are curious creatures, you know yourself. Therefore, they will not resist the temptation to try a little bit of each.

2. Bowl with dispenser

The cat's stomach is adapted to frequent meals in small portions. That is why veterinarians recommend feeding the pet several times a day: in the morning and in the evening with wet food, and during the day - with dry food. But what if the pet does not know the measure?

You can buy him an automatic feeder or build a similar dispenser with your own hands. This will require a plastic bottle, scissors and a ball on a string.


1. Cut the bottle closer to the bottom.

2. Turn it upside down.

3. Place a ball or a ball of a suitable size on the outside of the neck. Secure the rope on the bottle cap.

4. Pour dry food inside and show your cat how to get food by playing with a ball.

Feed your pet only high-quality food, which is made from natural products, and in which it contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins for an animal - for example, WHISKAS.

3. A secluded place

Often the cat refuses to go to the toilet because of an unpleasant smell or an uncomfortable tray. To make the toilet more comfortable and enjoyable, you can hide the tray in a locker, drawer or basket by making a hole in the side. This will allow the cat to retire and feel safe. In the fight against unpleasant odor, add leaflets of green tea or a couple of drops of valerian in the filler. This will save the tray from unpleasant smell.

4. Mini-baths

There is no need to wash cats - they have their own rules of personal hygiene.However, if you still decide to do this, it is better to follow some rules so that the idea does not turn into a catastrophe.

Bathe the purr is not in the bath, and a small basin. Water should be about 38–39 ° C. Carefully put in a pet's basin and moisten his fur with stroking movements.

5. Down with the mats

It is not easy to comb a cat, what can we say about mats, with which the owners of long-haired pets are tirelessly struggling. To make it easier to get rid of lumps of felted wool, sprinkle them with a small amount of dry shampoo, and then cut them with scissors. So combing the ball will be much easier.

6. Invisible barrier

Many cat breeders have to part with the dream of having flowers in the house. However, there is a way out of any situation, even a few. For example, glue the window sill, on which there are flowers, double-sided tape. Cats hate sticky spots. Another effective remedy is orange peel. Put it in flowerpots, and their smell will scare away pets. Small flowers can also be hung in pots - practical and stylish.

7. Without wire

So that the cat does not gnaw the electrical wires, put them in cable channels or corrugated tubes. They are sold in many hardware stores and are easily attached.Spending a little time on this will protect your pet from great danger.

8. Hammock under the table

You turned away for a moment - and now your pet is already sitting on your chair. In order not to share one place for two with a pet, make a special cat's hammock under a chair or table. Tie a blanket or just a piece of cloth to the legs of furniture - the cat will stay with you and will not interfere.

9. Scratches

If your pet is a fan of sharpening its claws on the corner of the sofa or the edge of the wall, then this life hack is for you. Construct a corner claw for a pet: glue two narrow planks at a 90 ° angle and tie them on both sides with string or sisal. Attach to the wall or place on the edge of the furniture. Such an alternative to the cat will surely enjoy.

10. Virtual games

Today, in addition to balls on a string and clockwork mice, the cat has other, much more modern entertainment. If after work you absolutely do not want to play with your pet, download a special game for cats on the tablet for him (yes, there are such). While the pet is busy playing, you can rest. Just try not to shy away from these games too often - after all, cats need to run, jump and hone their hunting skills.

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