What documents are needed to open your business

First of all, you need to study the legal framework and if you need additional clarification, you need to contact the experts. In order to engage in commercial activities, i.e. activities that should bring financial profit, you need to arrange everything documented. You need to make a choice: act as an individual entrepreneur or establish a legal entity and register it in the prescribed manner.
In a legal entity, it is necessary to form authorized capital (in cash or property) and to maintain full financial statements. An individual entrepreneur can keep financial records in a simplified manner, but for all concluded deals, he will be liable for his property of an individual. The choice of the legal form should depend on several factors: the risks of commercial activity, the taxation system and the type of business activity itself.
To register a legal entity, it is necessary to make a decision on the establishment of an organization, write a charter, and fill in the application form to the tax authority, the application must be notarized. After registration with the tax authority, a certificate of state registration of a legal entity and a copy of the statute with a tax authority mark are issued, it is necessary to register for tax accounting within five days, and also send a statement on the choice of the tax system, if such an opportunity is provided by activity.
In the department of statistical accounting, it is necessary to order a letter about economic activities. Receive a tax registration certificate from the tax inspectorate and a notice of the organization’s taxation system. Conclude a lease agreement for non-residential premises, if there is a need for this (office, warehouse, industrial premises).
Obtain a license if economic activity falls under licensing, the necessary permission from the sanitary and fire control authorities, if provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.Order printing of a legal entity. Open a bank account in a credit institution, for non-cash settlements and salary payments. We need to take care of proper accounting records and timely submission of tax reports.
Helpful advice
Given that the paperwork for a legal entity requires specific knowledge, it is better to resort to the help of a specialist in the field of corporate law.

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