What documents are needed to purchase weapons?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
February 18, 2013
What documents are needed to purchase weapons?

Currently, legislation regulating the acquisition of weapons by citizens has been tightened. In order to acquire a weapon, it is necessary to meet a number of criteria and go through a number of stages provided by law. Differences in what documents are needed for self-defense weapons, the so-called weapons of limited destruction, and hunting weapons, are small. This article should not consider the issues of acquiring rifled hunting weapons, as for its purchase you need experience in possession of smooth-bore weapons. You should not think about the acquisition of weapons to citizens who have outstanding convictions, foreign nationals, as well as persons who have not reached the age of majority. All documents for a weapon permit are issued by the licensing authorities of the police at the place of registration of the citizen.

Acquisition of weapons of limited destruction

  • Before visiting the licensing service, stock up with a report from the district officer that you have the conditions for the safe storage of weapons. We'll have to buy a metal weapon box.
  • You will also need a medical certificate form 046-1, to which it is necessary to attach a certificate stating that the applicant is not registered with a narcologist and a psychiatrist
  • The licensing authority will be required to provide a medical certificate of Form 046-1 with the application of certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist, a photocopy of important passport pages, two 3x4 photos and a receipt for payment of state duty. You can fill out an application for a license on site using available samples.
  • Innovation: now there is a requirement to provide a copy of the certificate of training on the knowledge of the rules of safe handling of weapons.
  • By submitting correctly collected documents, a weapon license can be obtained within 30 days. The same license allows the carrying of weapons after their purchase and registration.

Acquisition of hunting weapons

  • The procedure for acquiring a hunting weapon is slightly different. For example, one license is issued for the purchase of each barrel, and it is allowed to store weapons after registering the purchased weapons under another license.
  • It is impossible to carry a hunting smooth-bore weapon, having only a license. This will require you to become a member of a hunting society and have a hunting ticket.

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