What does a crown tattoo mean?

If before tattoos were considered something unusual, today they can be found on the bodies of many people. Images can be very diverse, and each of them has a specific meaning. What does a crown tattoo look like?

general information

Long since and at all times the crown was considered a symbol of power, because it was worn by emperors, kings, and, in general, almost all rulers. But such hats were found in mythology and even religion, and they symbolized belonging to the divine world.

Angels are depicted with a halo, and he also looks like a crown. Moreover, one can draw an analogy between such an accessory and Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head. And in the Middle Ages such an image could be found on the arms of the knights. Anyway, the crown is something special.

Who is suitable?

Who would suit such an option? Since the crown is often an elegant and beautiful image, such a tattoo is very suitable for a girl. But if it is depicted more brutally, then for a man the tattoo will also be relevant.

As for the character, it is advisable to choose the image of the crown to people who are confident in themselves, have strong leadership qualities, aspire to power or who want to make their lives better and improve themselves.

Suitable body parts

Often, the crown is applied on the wrist, where it looks very harmonious. This image will be appropriate on the chest or on the back, for example, between the shoulder blades or on one of them. Girls often apply this pattern to the lower back. But the guys choose their forearms.

What means?

The value of the tattoo crown will depend, firstly, on the characteristics of the image, and secondly, on where the picture is located.

Here are some interpretations:

  • From a religious point of view, the crown can be considered a symbol of divinity, proximity to God, the true faith.
  • If a girl makes a tattoo, and even in a prominent place, then by the same token she shows the others that she stands out from the crowd, differs from everyone else and is unique. And some of the fair sex associate such a symbol with respect, because the crowns were worn by princesses and queens, who were all revered.
  • If the crown is depicted together with the heart and above it, then this is a symbol of good luck, happiness.
  • If a tattoo looks like a heart with a crown in two hands, then in this case the crown symbolizes loyalty, the heart is personified with love, and the hands with true friendship.
  • The crown can be a symbol of power, power and leadership. That is, if a person makes such a tattoo, then he shows everyone that he is a real leader, and everyone should obey him.
  • If the crown is depicted on the shoulder, then the image carrier shows that the power will always be in his hands.
  • This picture may be a sign of power over yourself, over your emotions and feelings. In this situation, he can symbolize sobriety of mind, composure, composure, the ability to make deliberate decisions and weigh everything.
  • If the crown is next to another tattoo, then it seems to show its importance.
  • In the criminal world, the crown means authority. For example, such tattoos are made by prisoners who have committed a particularly serious crime. And the crown of the serpent is usually the distinguishing mark of the beholder or the thief in law.
  • Turtle with a crown in Korea and some other countries is considered a symbol of peace, longevity, wisdom.
  • A tiger with a crown holding a skull in its paws is the symbolism of the marginals, who seek violence and do not observe the norms of morality and the rules of public order.
  • If the crown is depicted with red cards, then it may mean that the carrier of such an image is a passive homosexual. Such tattoos are usually done violently as a sign of humiliation, but have recently become less common.
  • The crown with pointed rays represents sunlight and says that a person has only good intentions or is marked by the sun.
  • The triple crown (such a Pope wears) is associated with the highest authority or the desire for it.
  • A headdress with divergent rays and golden glitter means that the owner of such a tattoo is chosen, his enlightenment. In addition, the image may symbolize the special qualities of the carrier, for example, some talents, a particular mindset, and so on.
  • A skull with a crown is power, success, superiority. But such an image originated in Mexico, and there it meant that a person would certainly be lucky, but only in the next life, after the rebirth of his soul.
  • A beautiful crown with a cross usually means faith in God, observance of all religious precepts. But also this image can personify belief in own forces, in the chosen way of life. And in Europe, such a figure was considered a symbol of victory.
  • If the crown resembles a crown, then it will protect against evil spirits and the evil eye.
  • Crown with money - financial well-being.
  • In the photo often crowns with inscriptions. This is proof of the importance and significance of the written.
  • Since any ruler must be not only authoritative, but also fair, the crown can also personify justice, correctness of thoughts.
  • A crown with three pointed teeth can mean that faith, hope and love are of particular importance to a person.
  • A crown with precious stones can symbolize the search for the meaning of life.
  • If the name is shown above the crown, then this person is very important.

Consider examples and sketches, decide which value is closer to you, and fill the drawing with personal emotions so that it is really important to you.

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