What does a healthy person look like?

Signs of a healthy person

The processes occurring in the human body, are reflected in external qualities. As a rule, if a person looks good, then his health is excellent, and vice versa. To understand what a healthy person looks like, it’s enough to pay attention to some signs.


A sign of good health is smooth, evenly colored, elastic skin. Healthy skin indicates that a person eats properly, consumes a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements and does not suffer from dehydration.
Excessive pallor of the skin, redness, acne, desquamation may be the result of violations in the body.


A healthy person's hair must be thick, shiny, without split ends or dandruff. If the curls do not have these qualities, most likely the body does not have enough nutrients.


A healthy person has a clear look.While the look of a sick person often seems cloudy. Thick eyelashes and eyebrows, contrasting proteins, pure iris: the main signs of healthy eyes. A change in the color of proteins, clouding of the iris, bags and bruises under the eyes indicate any kind of disease.


As the state of the nails, you can also determine the level of health. Smooth, pink, hard nails indicate that a person is healthy. If there are stains, grooves, discoloration of the nails, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Body type

To find out what a healthy person looks like, you can look at the Greek statues. These images are characterized by developed muscles, correct posture, the absence of excess body fat. Already the Greeks knew a lot about physical beauty. For them it was no secret that physical activity and proper nutrition are the foundation on which human health is built.

Mental and emotional state

“In general, 9/10 of our happiness is based on health. With him, everything becomes a source of pleasure. ”- This was what the famous German philosopher A. Schopenhauer said in the nineteenth century. Mental and physical health is closely related.This is explained by the fact that the chemical processes occurring inside the body directly affect the state of the human psyche. Conversely, strong emotional experiences can make changes in the work of internal organs.


A healthy person is a happy person. Elated mood, confidence, calm - are signs of good health. Pleasant appearance is a consequence of the health of the human body. Slim body, clean skin, good hair, clear eyes and a sincere smile - this is what a healthy person looks like.

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