What does the dream about the area mean?

Dreams, in which the square appears, are immediately associated with a gathering of people, publicity or some kind of excitement. In the dream books, the interpretation of such dreams is almost the same.

Autumn dream

The dreamed square, where the rally is taking place, foreshadows great excitement among the people.

The newest dream book

Such a dream suggests that your place is among the collective. You know how to work with people and you can make an excellent career in this field.

Summer interpreter

If in a dream you saw a large area filled with people, wait for the strike.

Small Veles dream

To see the area in a dream - for legal proceedings or fees.

Interpreter from A to Z

If in night dreams you suddenly found yourself in the square of an unfamiliar city, it means that in the near future you will go on a long distant journey. If in the middle of the square there was a monument to some writer or hero, be prepared for the fact that someone is plotting against you evil. Be careful, you need to try to warn the cunning plans of your detractors.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you walked around the square, be prepared for the fact that on your way there will be unexpected hidden obstacles that will prevent you from completing the work you have undertaken. If in a dream you looked at a huge area, it means that you will suddenly come to help, you will be able to start a new business that has great prospects in the future.

Esoteric dream book

If in a dream you were in the square, you will have great opportunities. You can start any activity. If there were a lot of people in the square, you will find yourself in the very center of events.

Dream Dream

The area in a dream means that you are too vulnerable, open and defenseless before the outside world. Any whiff - and you get scared right away. You easily give in to someone else's influence and do not know how to defend your opinion and opinions.

Dream dream Hasse

To dream of a square where holidays and festivals take place foreshadow major material losses.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in a dream your eyes had a well-lit decorated square, wait for a long-awaited meeting with old acquaintances. You may have to attend a large meeting.If in night dreams you walked around the main square of the city, you will learn all the secrets about your fans. If in a dream you walked around the city and read the name of the square, it warns you that you need to be careful and circumspect. To avoid danger, you will need to make an urgent decision.

The square often dreams if you have to be among the meeting of your friends and acquaintances

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