Why dream of a fish?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
August 3, 2012
Why dream of a fish?

Often in a dream we see fish, and in the morning we try to understand what this means, because nothing in our life happens for a reason. So why dream of a fish?

Why dream of fishing? It means doing a long, useless, thankless job, especially if you don't catch it. If the fish is on your hook, it means that you will catch good luck. Some of the long, poorly resolved issues will be resolved in your favor. The fish that fell off the hook accordingly promises that you will not be able to do some work for which you have spent a lot of energy, something will fail and go wrong.

It is very bad to see a dead, gnawed fish in a dream. The fish skeleton means some kind of misfortune, a great disappointment, a disease.

Why dream of a big fish is not difficult to understand. Catching a huge beautiful fish in a dream is a great sign. Rejoice if you dreamed it. For men it promises great success in business, a benefit - the more such fish they catch, the more benefits they will receive. Girls fishing hints at a successful marriage. Catching fish for a girl also means the likelihood of an early pregnancy.So girls and women, be careful if you see such a dream.

A lot of small fish promises a lot of unnecessary trouble, not bearing any profit.

If you dream that you are trying in vain to catch a fish, then in reality your plans will not come true. A fishing hook means danger, a trap, someone's insidious plans for you. Do not fall for the hook.

If you dream of a fish in clear, clean water, alive and healthy, this is a good sign. In the near future everything will be fine with you. Fish swimming in muddy, muddy water - to illness or to misfortune.

There is a delicious fish, in which there are few bones, - to success and prosperity. The tasteless, bony, and even more raw fish that you eat in your sleep, foreshadows difficulties in business, frustration and loss.

Thus, a fish in a dream is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, profit. And dreams with the presence of fish to one degree or another can help you in business. You can believe in these omens, you can not believe, but to listen to the secrets of the subconscious still stands.

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