What dreams of rape according to the dream book?

Dreamed of anxious vision with such an unpleasant event? And now puzzled over what it could mean? What dreams about rape, help to explain the dream book.

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Dream Interpretation: what dreams of rape

ABC interpretation of dreams

If you have been raped, then such a dream warns that it is worthwhile in some way to placate your enemies so that they will not intrigue you. But if you see yourself as a perpetrator, then this means that you have a case that you desperately don’t want to do. Your unwillingness is thus projected by the subconscious.

If in a dream there was only an attempt that failed - it means that you avoid problems and settle unresolved cases. And the dream book argues that rape in a dream may well happen in reality, that is, the vision will be simply prophesy in the most direct sense. Beware and do not risk in vain, try to avoid places where this can happen.

East Dream

I dreamed that you were raped - in life, expect that you will be betrayed by a loved one, and soon enough. There were several rapists - evil intrigues are lashing against you.

Modern dream book

To be the victim of a rapist in a dream - your pride will be hurt by unpleasant events. And if the victim was someone from your social circle - you will learn about the grief that happened with the dream.

Dream interpretation for lovers

If you are a young girl and you have dreamed an act of violence against you - there is a high probability that your partner will leave you. Or you really risk becoming a victim - be careful.

Dream loft

The very image of rape is the projection by the subconscious of your attitude towards others. You either feel hostility towards some people, suppressing your irritation in dealing with them, or you have the behavior of the victim.

If you once dreamed that you were raped, this is the personification of the fact that in life you are pushed around and dumped a large number of tasks and require their indispensable execution. But if such dreams are repeated, then perhaps you have already experienced any kind of severe stress, and now your thoughts are manifested in this way.

If you dream of yourself as a rapist, this means that in real life you are very carefully hiding your dislike for someone, although you just want to express everything that you think about this person or a few people.

Dream dream wanderer

If the vision, where the sleeping person is raping, has come to the man, it means that he is tormented because of the impossibility to solve some problem. A woman dreamed of being raped - she could achieve her goal. It also promises a marriage, in which the main focus is on the calculation.

Online dream book

Saw violence against someone - someone persistently climbs into your life. If you are being raped - do not annoy your enemies in the near future, but on the contrary, try to make a living. Dream interpretation: an attempt to rape in a dream, warns that you risk becoming a pawn in someone else's game.

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