Which interior door to choose?

High-quality and pleasant for the eyes interior doors are necessary for apartments and houses of large families, where each has its own room. A good door is strong and comfortable, and also fits into the overall style of the home. If you have recently made repairs or moved to a new place of residence, where you need to install new interior doors, decide which options are right for you and order them from a good company.

Where to find quality doors in Moscow?

Salon Dveri.Vtapkah will offer you a large selection of different interior doors for every taste directly from the manufacturer. The company also provides services for free measurement, delivery and installation of doors. Among a large number of different options, you can find the right door, and experienced consultants will help determine the right choice and answer questions. You can immediately go to the salon or use the company's website at the link.

You can find the right door according to the necessary parameters simply and quickly: you can evaluate the options on the website, choosing the color and style of the room. If you find a suitable product, you can place an order.If you need help in choosing or you want to clarify some questions, contact the employee of the company. Leave to the specialists contacts that you can be contacted with, and within half an hour you will receive professional advice from experts. They will help you choose the right door according to your needs and wishes.

At the request of the client, the measurer will arrive at any time convenient for you with samples that can be assessed live, will listen to the wishes and help you decide on the desired size and parameters depending on the individual room. According to the results of the arrival of the measurer, you can place the final order and pay for it in a convenient way. The order will be delivered on time in its entirety and safety, a guarantee is issued for each door. You can also place an order with the installation, and then the door will be installed on the day of delivery.

What type of interior doors to choose?

Laminated doors

Laminated doors - an affordable option. They look decent, they serve for a long time (the minimum period is 5 years), they are distinguished by wide design solutions and colors.

The basis of the door leaf lamination - bars, as well as chipboard or MDF panels, which are laminated on top.Lamination of a door is the sticking of a polymer film or paper that imitates the natural wood of pear, walnut, oak, etc.

The cost of the laminated door will depend on the materials used. For cheaper options paper is used - it is prone to damage and abrasion.

To give greater strength and durability to the surface of such doors, melanin or fiberglass is used - the use of such technologies increases the cost of the door.

The optimal solution is the choice of a door with a coating of polymer film: with the help of it you can get different texture and color of the door; it will be well protected from external damage, moisture and chemical attack and will last for a long time.

Veneered doors

These doors are distinguished by reliability, durability, environmental friendliness and excellent sound insulation. Lacquer is used for these doors: it gives the door the necessary shade, protects it from damage, scratches and sudden changes in temperature. Doors of veneer can be restored: thanks to this they can serve for a very long time.

Glass doors

Glass doors are very sophisticated, elegant and elegant, visually increase the surrounding space, give it lightness.Modern options are made of tempered glass that can withstand large temperature differences, reliable and durable.

Enameled doors

Practical and durable products. The top layer consists of components that are resistant to moisture, direct sunlight. They have a wide color palette, they are also often decorated with glass inserts, so each client will find a suitable option.

Eco scooter

Eco skewer is a new trend in door production, but already quite popular. These doors look very attractive in appearance, imitate the texture of natural wood, look aesthetically and nobly. It is pleasant to use them, it is easy to take care of them, they are resistant to moisture, so they are suitable even for a bathroom.

Choosing a door, determine for yourself what qualities it should possess, compare the different options between you and, if necessary, ask for help from a specialist.

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