What is a top denture?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
March 17, 2015
What is a top denture?

Teeth for humans are important not only from an aesthetic point of view. They serve to chew food and thus participate in digestion. In addition, those who do not closely monitor the condition of their teeth are at risk of infection in the oral cavity. One of the solutions to problems with teeth is a denture. What is the covering denture and in what cases it becomes necessary to install it, we will tell in this article.

Cover denture - a design that is installed in the mouth on the crown and serves as a complete replacement for missing teeth. Such prostheses can be both removable and intended to be permanently worn.

Such prostheses are put to people who have lost all teeth or several teeth, and who predict a significant deterioration in the further condition of the teeth, if it is already impossible to seal them or get along with other forms of prosthetics.

Prosthesis installation

The prosthesis can be fixed both on the remaining teeth in the oral cavity or crowns, and on artificial implants. At the same time, it is not recommended to attach the prosthesis to both of them. Most dentists recommend installing top prostheses directly on implants, since in this case, you will not have to redo it, if you have any other problems with your teeth or if the teeth on which the prosthesis is attached, suddenly fall out. Implants are more durable and durable and easily cope with the function assigned to them.


Cover dentures are contraindicated for people with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the nervous system or blood clotting.

Pluses of top prosthetics

The main arguments in favor of installing this type of prosthesis:

  • quick adaptation to the new prosthesis;
  • high strength and long-term operation due to the use of the latest materials;
  • preventing the risk of atrophy of the jaw bones;
  • the load on the jaw while chewing food with such a prosthesis is evenly distributed;
  • Magnetic structures or elastic clamps are used for fastening, which guarantee reliable fixation of the prosthesis.

Cons of top prosthetics

  • The main disadvantage of using such a prosthesis is its high cost. Installing a prosthesis is not affordable for everyone. Depending on the complexity of manufacturing, the need to install implants and other factors, the cost of such a prosthesis can be several tens of thousands of rubles.
  • The second minus is the complexity of manufacturing. When ordering a prosthesis, it will be necessary to solve a number of important questions regarding what the prosthesis will be attached to, what type of anchorage will be used, what materials it will be made of, etc. Therefore, the manufacture of such a prosthesis should be trusted only to proven specialists.

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