What is bruxism and how to get rid of it

According to statistics, bruxism occurs in 5% of the population. The causes that cause teeth to gnash during sleep are mainly related to neuropsychological disorders. These include psycho-emotional overstrain, increased nervousness and irritability, the inability in everyday life to fully express their emotions and experiences. Stress and adverse working and living conditions are also sometimes causes of bruxism.
The gnashing of teeth, which unknowingly occurs in a person in a dream, primarily affects the state of tooth enamel in a negative way. Friction of the chewing surfaces of teeth against each other leads to erasing and thinning of the coating, which will necessarily lead to periodontal disease.
The tension of the masticatory muscles that occurs when the spasm of the muscles of the lower jaw during attacks, can lead to pain. Pain occurs not only in the area of ​​the facial muscles, but also in the neck, ears, head.
Constant spastic movements in the temporomandibular joints lead to thinning of the cartilaginous surfaces of the bones and provoke the development of arthritis and arthrosis in them.
To clarify the presence of bouts of bruxism during sleep, you can use special methods of research. The most productive of them is polysomnography. With this method, changes in the state of the chewing muscles during sleep are recorded, occurring attacks of muscle spasms are recorded.
Treatment of bruxism begins with the removal of the most likely cause of its occurrence. With increased nervous excitability, soothing teas and herbal teas are shown, as well as sedative drugs.
It is important to learn how to relax properly in the event of stress and conflict situations. This helps well some kind of hobby, a hobby, but not alcohol, which only exacerbates the situation.
In some cases, it is necessary to seek help from specialists - psychologists, psychiatrists. They will help you understand the existing psychological problems, find the right ways to solve them, and teach you how to cope with stressful situations.

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